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Military Miscellany - Items of interest

This section of website contains notes from various field trips made by Society groups from time to time.

Society Tour Notes - Notes from KZN tour May 1978

  • - the Battle of Blood River - George Chadwick
  • - ABW Battles near Dundee - George Chadwick
  • - the Battle of Isandlwana and the defence of Rorke's Drift - George Chadwick
  • - Gen Louis Botha's second expedition into Natal Sep-Oct 1901 - Major D M Moore
  • - the Defenceof Rorke's Drift - J Chard, Lieut R.E.

  • It also contains articles which were too long for separate inclusion in the Military History Journal. Where these articles appear in instalments in successive Journal issues, the longer originals are temporarily included in this portion of the Society website for the benefit of researchers and the interest of members.

  • - Prof Pat Irwin's fully referenced article and casulaties Holkrantz May 1902
  • - Berrangé’s Trek: The Eastern Force in the South West African Campaign of 1915 By Johannes Haarhoff
  • - Dr Anne Samson's Natal WW 1 full article

  • It also contains snippets of interest which do not originate from the SA Military History Society but might well be of interest to readers.

  • - Major Guy Nicolson MC and Bar - POW Extraordinary - Musical Treat
  • - Col Winsloe's account of the 1880/81 Siege of Potchefstroom
  • - Kevin Rogers MHSA (WA) on a document found in the Budesarchiv relating to orders about the defence of Tobruk
  • - Shiloh Noone on knobkieries in the Matshana Museum Onrust River
  • - Indian War Memorial by Eric Itzkin
  • - Robin Smith's Xmas 2016 newsletter
  • - Military Miniatures - written in 1967 by Benjamin B Brown
  • - May Jackson Gun
  • - the story of the Last Post - unknown
  • - Bill Millin - Piping in D-Day - from The Economist
  • - Le Petit Journal - selected French Anglo Boer cartoons - collated by Neil MacDonald
  • - Story about Wireless in the trenches in WWI drawing from material written by Sir Basil Schonland - by kind permission of the author, Brian Austin
  • - Wadley's Ionosonde - A Precursor of the Receiver to come by kind permission of the author, Brian Austin

  • At the end of 2003 an exhibition was staged at the SANMMH in Saxonwold, Johannesburg, celebrating 100 years of Aircraft at War.
    The commemorative brochure was scanned and the pictures and text can be seen at Aircraft at War 100 Exhibition brochure

    Military Mystery - Queries of interest

  • - Dr J T Blake from Gettysburg to Middelburg

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