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Die Suid-Afrikaanse Krygshistoriese Vereniging

The SA Military History Society is a non-profit society of enthusiasts dedicated to the study, recording and dissemination of military aspects of South Africa's history.

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    Lecturers Wanted: Experts who would wish to present lectures to the monthly meetings of the
    Society in Durban AND experts wishing to present zoominars hosted by the Johannesburg and Eastern Cape branches - three a month planned in 2024

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  • Military Miscellany

  • Pat Irwin's fully referenced article and casualties Holkrantz May 1902
    Johannes Haarhof's full article on Berrangé's Trek: The Eastern Force in the South West Africa campaign of 1915
    Dr Anne Samson's full article on [KwaZulu-]Natal in World War I
    Major Guy Nicolson - POW extraordinary - Musical treat
    Col Winsloe's account of the 1880/81 Siege of Potchefstroom
    Kevin Rogers MHSA (WA) on a document found in the Budesarchiv relating to orders about the defence of Tobruk
    Shiloh Noone on knobkieries in the Matshana Museum at Onrust River
    Indian (Anglo-Boer War) War Memorial (Observatory Jnb) by Eric Itzkin
    Items from non-Society sources: the story of the Last Post;
    Bill Millin - Piping in D-Day.
    May Jackson Gun
    Le Petit Journal - French cartoons about the Anglo-Boer War
    Wireless in the trenches - Brian Austen quoting Basil Schonland
    Wadley's Ionosonde - Brian Austin in Radio Bygones

    (Aircraft at War 100 Exhibition - 2003; Chadwick notes on Blood River;
    Chadwick notes on Isandlwana; Chard's report on Rorke's Drift;
    Anglo-Boer War battle sites near Dundee visited during May 1978 Society tour - Chadwick's notes;
    Major Moore's notes on Gen Louis Botha's second expedition into Natal Sep-Oct 1901.)

  • Southern African Published/related Books
  • Professional Tour Guides of S.A. Battlefields IN SOUTH AFRICA
  • Professional Tour Guides of S.A. Battlefields IN EUROPE
  • South African Bookdealers who specialise in Military Subjects
  • Links to other military history related sites
  • Unpublished Boer War Diaries / letters / reminiscences / photographs
  • index to diaries
  • Gedenksboek of Deadwook Camp St Helena 1900-1902 by S F van Smaalen
  • Wireless in the Boer War by Dr B.A.Austin
  • Pte. Edgar Etches - 13th Hussars and South African Constabulary
  • Letter from Fred Page after Elands River Siege
  • Syd Critten, Imperial Yeomanry
  • Private Walter Putland
  • Sr K L Nealon, nee Hill
  • Sr Grace MacFarlane Roberts
  • Boer War portion of the diary of Maj Jocelyn Frederick de Fonblanque Shaw, RFA.
  • Alfred Robinson's record of his service as a volunteer with Durham Light Infantry, Kitchener's Fighting Scouts and Corp of Cattle Rangers in the Second Boer War, February 1900 - December 1901
  • First World War Diaries
  • 52 days at the Western Front by Dr Lewis S Robertson
  • Three Edkins brothers from East London in World War I
  • Fewster in German East Africa - Great War Diary
  • Lister in German East Africa - Great War Diary
  • The S.S. AFRIC's first trip as a troop-ship in WWI
  • The story of Seth Batter Churchill, Royal Marines Artillery
  • Second World War Diaries
  • C G van den Berg Reminiscences of ex-POW No. 2825
  • SS Rooseboom - sunk by Japanese I-159 in 1942 while evacuating people after fall of Singapore
  • Update on the sinking of SS Rooseboom
  • Tomalin RNVR reminiscences includes "Little ships"
  • Reminiscences of RH Halse, WWII POW
  • Radar in SA
  • Basil Schonland - Schonlandís other Legacy by Dr B.A.Austin
  • General interest Diaries
  • South Africa's Military Presence in South West Africa 1915-1980 by Wolfgang Reith
  • William Wood and Dingaan
  • Elizabeth Russell Cameron
  • Ouma van den Bergh papers
  • The Rhodesian Corps of Signals - Through To 1980 by Dr B.A.Austin

  • Ross's Research
  • (Research on Southern Africans serving in the British Armed Forces)
  • (Southern Africans Serving at Battle of Jutland)
  • (The other Percy Fitzpatrick)
  • (List of SA servicemen in British Forces in WWI)
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