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From time to time a lecture will be added to this part of the website based on the interest it generated and the availability of suitable notes from the speaker(s)

SubjectSpeakerWhere & when
ENIGMA summary Ian Copley SAMHSEC February 2019 - main lecture
Dresden: 13 February 1945 John Myburgh Johannesburg February 2018 - main lecture
Poets and Poems of World War I Nick Cowley & Dot Hodgkiss Johannesburg October 2015 - curtain raiser
A name amongst seafaring men Capt I Little Johannesburg March 2015 - curtain raiser
Songs of World War I Nick Cowley Johannesburg October 2014 - main lecture
Diving the wreck of the SS Thistlegorm Garth & Stephanie Harris Johannesburg September 2014 - main lecture
The Longitude Problem Gil Jacobs Johannesburg June 2014 - main lecture
President Lincoln's Spy Marjorie Dean Johannesburg June 2014 - curtain raiser
Focke Wulf 190 Tim Waudby Johannesburg November 2013 - curtain raiser
HMS Durban in the Mediterranean 1935-36 Jon Parkinson Johannesburg September 2013 - main lecture
De la Rey - the Lion of the West John Bleloch Johannesburg September 2013 - curtain raiser
Scapa Flow & the History beneath the Waves Alan Mantle Johannesburg August 2013 - main lecture
The War in North Africa 1940-43 - Union of SA's contribution James Jacobs Johannesburg June 2013 - curtain raiser
1922: Captain Fulford and the Boksburg Incident Terry Willson Johannesburg June 2013 - main lecture
Dr Jim and the Matabele War of 1893 [WW II] Chris Ash Johannesburg May 2013 - curtain raiser
The Battle of Taranto [WW II] Colin Harris Johannesburg May 2013 - main lecture
SMS Konigsberg [1915] Pierre du Toit Johannesburg April 2013 - main lecture
How Germany Lost the War in 1941 Ann Bourdin Johannesburg March 2013 - curtain raiser
John Brown's Raid on Harper's Ferry 16th October 1859 Robin Smith Johannesburg March 2013 - main lecture
A paper of the American Civil War J F Myburgh Johannesburg February 2013 - main lecture
Kitchener of Khartoum Dr Anne Samson Johannesburg November 2012 - main lecture
A Century of Mud 1860-1960 Ann Bourdin Johannesburg September 2010 - main lecture
The Battle of Pharsalis 48BC Hamish Paterson Johannesburg June 2010 - curtain raiser
Second Phase of the Second SA War of Independence. Dr John Bleloch Johannesburg February 2011 - Main lecture
El Wak or Bust! Emile Coetzee Johannesburg October 2010 - curtain raiser
Zulu Civil War 1883-88. Ken Gillings Johannesburg October 2010 - Main lecture
Adowa 1896 Col Jas Jacobs Johannesburg September 2010 - curtain raiser
Italian POWs in WWII Emilio Coccia Johannesburg May 2010 - curtain raiser
Leonardo's War Machines Alan Mantle Johannesburg February 2010 - main lecture
World War One Paul Kilmartin Johannesburg November 2009 - main lecture
Thermopylae & Salamis 480 BC Ann Bourdin Johannesburg September 2009 - curtain raiser
The Royal Marines by Land by Sea John S Murray Johannesburg October 2008 - main lecture
The Aftermath of the Anglo Boer War Ken Gillings Johannesburg July 2008 - main lecture
Four Exceptional Women of the Boer War Felicia Fourie Johannesburg July 2008 - curtain raiser
The Suez Canal 1956 Alan Mantle Johannesburg June 2008 - main lecture
Shiloh - the emergence of Grant Robin Smith Johannesburg March 2008 - main lecture
The Basuto Wars 1820-1881 Col James Jacobs Johannesburg December 2007 - main lecture
Captain Robert Nairac GC John S Murray Johannesburg December 2007 curtain-raiser
The Battle of the River Plate Roslyn Peter Johannesburg November 2007 curtain-raiser
1066 - a year that changed England forever Martin Ayres Johannesburg October2007 - curtain-raiser
Edward Duke of Kent, father of Queen Victoria John Cramp Johannesburg September 2007 curtain-raiser
The "San Boats" - Eagle Oil at War Ivor Little Johannesburg August 2007 curtain-raiser
Seven Battles that shaped SA David Williams Johannesburg March 2007 curtain-raiser
The Natal Volunteers Terry Willson Johannesburg December 2006 curtain-raiser
Some Arctic activities: Vice Admiral Sir Henry Kellett John Parkinson Johannesburg September 2006 curtain-raiser
Oranje Vrijstaat Artillerie Corps M C Heunis Johannesburg August 2006 curtain-raiser
From wooden walls to Dreadnoughts: gun, armour, ram or torpedo? Captain Ivor Little Johannesburg August 2006
Henry V and Joan of Arc Martin Ayres Johannesburg July 2006
POW camps in the UK in WWII Colin Dean Johannesburg June 2006
Bridge on River Kwai Bob Smith Johannesburg May 2006
Antietam - the civil war's bloodiest day Robin Smith Johannesburg March 2006
Italian participation in the Anglo-Boer War Mario Lupini Johannesburg February 2006 - main lecture
Three Battles of Gaza 1917 Avram Pelunsky Johannesburg February 2006 - curtain raiser
Flying Bombs Colin Dean Johannesburg December 2005

SubjectSpeakerWhere & when
From Normandy to Eagle's Nest Charles Whiteing KZN 2006

Eastern Cape
SubjectSpeakerWhere & when
Against all odds - the defence of Rorkes Drift Tiaan Jacobs Port Elizabeth - February 2016

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