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Archive of past lecture topics - continued

2020 13 Feb Karen Horn Frances and Betty go to war: 1914-1918 John Myburgh The Rise to Power of Adolf Hitler and Franklin Delano Roosevelt
2019 16 Jan Jan-Willem Hoorweg H.L. Hunley - my recent visit to the Warren Lasch Conservation Center Errol Cunningham Operation Ironclad: The Invasion of Vichy Madagascar 1942
2019 12 Dec A DVD "War in North Africa 1940 to 1943" Introduced by Col James Jacobs Followed by a social gathering
2019 14 Nov Chris Hoare whose lecture used both slots 'Mad Mike' Hoare - The Legend
2019 10 Oct Terry Willson A Tale of Two Rifles Peter Dickens The Hidden History of the 'Struggle'
2019 12 Sep David Scholtz leading an open forum discussion on recruitment of new members Gil Jacobs Radar - How awareness of the unseen helped to win a war
2019 8 Aug Terry Leaver Perspectives on the life and death of T.E. Lawrence Charles Ross First 20 years of Joint Operations in the SANDF
2019 11 Jul Colin Harris KEARSAGE vs ALABAMA Anne Samson South African Military Chaplains in the early 20th Century
2019 13 Jun Pierre du Toit Force Z Tragedy Col William Bergman The Jewish Contribution to South African Military History spanning 350 years, from van Riebeeck till the 20th Century
2019 9 May Kevin Garcia The day George Washington quit the Army David Holmes Lt-Col John (Jack) Sherwood Kelly VC CMG DSO
2019 11 Apr   Annual General Meeting Nick Cowley The real Georg von Trapp: from War Hero to 'Sound of Music' Patriarch
2019 14 Mar Adina Bregman A Journey into the Second World War: The Museum of the Great Patriot War in Moscow Johan Raath Blood Money - the world's most dangerous job in the world's most dangerous country
2019 14 Feb There was no lecture because the Museum had lost power after a transformer explosion at the end of the previous load shedding outage
2019 17 Jan Hamish Paterson King's Mountain: 100 years before Majuba Errol Cunningham Brit, Boer and Spy: The British view of strategic risks, threats, espionage and sabotage in the Union of South Africa during WW2
2018 13 Dec A DVD entitled Deterrence from the deep, the US Navy Ohio class ballistic missile submarines   Social gathering
2018 8 Nov Marjorie Dean Rupert Brooke, Poetic Icon of WWI Anne Samson The End(s) of the First World War in Africa
2018 11 Oct Murray Webb A brief history of the origins of North Korea, and my recent bizarre visit there Col Jan Malan Why we won
2018 13 Sep Charles Ross 70 years of United Nations peace keeping operations Kyle Harmse The Cape Corps: The Union's coloured soldiers in the First World War
2018 9 Aug Charles Cohen The Nanking Massacre 1937 Adina Bregman A Zimbabwe Motorcycle Adventure: A chance discovery of the Gweru Military Museum
2017 12 Jul David Katz South Africans versus Rommel Kathie Satchwell Poetry written by South Africans during the Great War
2018 9 Jun Evert Kleynhans The Felix Affair: Lothar Sittig, the Ossewabrandwag and the Trompke Network Katherine Munro Memorials and loss - the curious case of the Cenotaph: remembering the First World War.
2018 11 May Anton van Doornum Internment in a Japanese Prison Camp: 1942-1945, Mother, Sister, Aunt and myself. Kevin Garcia Pearl Harbor .... avenged - US carriers at Midway, June 1942
2018 12 Apr   Annual General Meeting Robin Smith Allenby and the campaign in the Holy Land 1917-1918
2018 8 Mar Joan Marsh The Society and its people Col James Jacobs German battle doctrine during WW I; the birth of the concept of Blitzkrieg
2018 8 Feb Jan-Willem Hoorweg Water als Wapen John Myburgh Dresden 13 February 1945
2018 18 Jan Hamish Paterson Pharsalus - Caesar vs Pompey, 48 BC George Shaw West Point and the American Civil War
2017 14 Dec Capt Jeremy Carew The Royal Fleet Auxiliary in the Falklands War A DVD entitled The Story of the Spitfire
2017 9 Nov Ian Thurston Rosie and the bloody 100th Col Jan Malan 4 SAI Bn destruction of 21 FAPLA Brigade on 13 January 1988 at Cuito Canavale - events and lessons
2017 12 Oct Charles Ross The work of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission in connection with those lost at sea Katherine Munro The South African Native Labour Corps and the sinking of the Mendi in 1917
2017 14 Sep Hamish Paterson Women in War in the Twentieth Century Pierre Lundberg The Reconnaissance of and Attack on
Namibe Harbour - 4/5 June 1986 by 4 Reconnaissance Regiment
2017 10 Aug George Shaw A South African Foot Soldier's experience in
German South West Africa and German East Africa during World War I
Kathie Satchwell Margaret Smith Dewar - Nurse in South Africa,
France, Brighton, Macedonia
2017 13 Jul David Katz Ludwig Boell and the other Side of the Hill
- The East African Campaign in the First World War from the German Perspective
Prof. Ian van der Waag South African Traitors and Collaborators and the Third Reich, 1939-1948.
2017 8 Jun Nicky von der Heyde The Turbulent Cape Frontier Gil Jacobs The Hydrogen Bomb - Peace or Annihilation?
2017 11 May Colin Harris: Striving for Recognition - The Confederacy's Dilemma Nick Cowley Songs of World War II
2017 13 Apr   Annual General Meeting Robin Smith Wilmansrust - Disaster for the 5th Victorian Mounted Rifles
2017 9 Mar Karen Horn South African POWs: Libya, Italy and Germany Evert Kleynhans The Union Defence Force and the East African Campaign, 1940-1941 - a Critical Analysis
2017 9 Feb Marjorie Dean They Served Underground - the Bevin Boys John Myburgh Sailor Malan: Sailor, Pilot, Torch Bearer
2017 19 Jan Robert Faltermeier Using Technology with Historical Sources Kevin Garcia A Path to Victory? A Comparison of
Confederate and Boer War aims
2016 16 Dec Capt Jeremy Carew History of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary DVD Air, Land and Sea Technology of WWI
2016 10 Nov Evert Kleynhans The German Submarine Offensives off the South African Coast, 1942-1945 Marjorie Dean Kipling and his Son; the Private Tragedy
of a Public Man
2016 13 Oct Alan Sinclair The 7th South African Infantry Regiment in East Africa, 1916-1918 Jos Scharrer Unsung Heroes: Stories of the Dutch Resistance
2016 8 Sep Terry Willson British military use of the so-called "dum dum" bullet Dr Elizabeth Leaver British Imperialism in South Africa: The Neglected Voice of Frances Ellen Colenso
2016 11 Aug Dr Anne Samson The Novel East African campaign: Historians and historical novels Hamish Paterson Women at War - The Gentle Sex?
2016 14 Jul "Huffy"Pott The Battle of Bergendal Marius Whittle The History and Evolution of the Fighter Ace
2016 9 Jun Verity Gorman Links between Irish and Afrikaner Nationalists' Independence Struggles Katherine Munro Verdun in World War I: Vicissitudes, Valor & Victory
2016 12 May Peter Griffiths Flora Sandes: The British Rector's daughter who became a Serbian national heroine John Murray The Mary Rose
2016 14 Apr   Annual General Meeting Robin Smith The Imperial Light Horse Regiment in the Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902
2016 10 Mar Colin Harris The Prince Imperial Gil Jacobs The American Atomic Bombs of World War II
2016 11 Feb Jan-Willem Hoorweg Colonel Robert Jacob Gordon - Soldier, Explorer, Linguist, Artist and Naturalist John Myburgh LENINGRAD - ABUSED - BESIEGED - SURVIVED: the siege of Leningrad, 14 September 1941- 27 January 1944
2016 21 Jan Hamish Paterson Fine Feathers: Full-dress Uniforms from Rome to Victoria Kevin Garcia Can History Save the World? (Cuban Missile crisis)
2015 10 Dec Dirk Uys Wehrmacht Kanister - The Jerrycan story Peter James-Smith 1898 - Before the Anglo Boer War and after
2015 12 Nov Nick Cowley / Dot Hodgkiss Poems of WW1 Digby Ricci WW1 in film
2015 8 Oct Kevin Garcia "I am having immense fun running the Navy" - Theodore Roosevelt and the Birth of the Modern American Navy Nicky von der Heyde A Field Guide to the Battlefields of South Africa
2015 10 Sep Colin Harris Bronkhorstspruit - Where it all started? Kathie Munro Memory, Commemoration, Memorials and Architects of the First World War...A journey of discovery
2015 13 Aug Hamish Paterson Trekkoppies 26 April 1915 Ken English Captain Cook: the early years and first voyage
2015 9 Jul Marius Whittle Michael Wittman and the cult of the tank Ace Allan Sinclair Hidden WW1 Treasures; Memorials dedicated to WW1 in and around Johannesburg
2015 11 Jun Kathleen Satchwell The SA Nursing Ambulance in Cannes, France in WW1 Terry Willson 1815 : The Rev. Samuel Savory and his Waterloo Sermon
2015 14 May Ian Thurston The Audie Murphy Story Robin Smith General Sir Ian Hamilton and the Campaign to open the Dardanelles
2015 9 April   Annual General Meeting John Myburgh Unification or Death: Events leading up to WW1
2015 12 March Ivor Little A Name amongst Seafaring Men Col.(Dr) C.J. Jacobs The 8th Frontier War 1850-1853
2015 12 Feb Anne Marie Smith Phoenician Warships: an Arms Race in Antiquity Jan-Willem Hoorweg Adolf Galland: German Fighter Ace
2015 15 Jan Bob Smith The Entebbe Raid; a Tribute to Israeli Commandos Anne Samson With Lettow Vorbeck, Smuts and Kitchener through Africa
2014 11 Dec Hamish Paterson Gibeon, 1915 Sir Duncan Mckenzie's Last Triumph Robin Binckes The Battle of Blood River
2014 13 Nov Nigel Fox The Machine Guns of Mushroom Valley Gerhard Buchner General Ignatius Stephanus Ferreira my Father
2014 9 Oct Terry Willson Africa; the Rifles of British Imperialism Nick Cowley Songs of WW1
2014 11 Sep Colin Harris America's second biggest Naval Defeat Garth & Stephanie Harris Rediscovering the SS Thistlegorm's Cargo
2014 14 Aug David Katz The Surrender of Tobruk Col. Jan Malan An Overview of the fighting east of Cuito Canavale 1987-1988
2014 10 Jul Peter James-Smith The Boy Scouts in WW1 Major General Tony Dippenaar Surgery in Wartime (focus on Operation Savannah Angola 1975)
2014 12 Jun Marjorie Dean President Lincoln's Spy Gil Jacobs The Longitude Problem
2014 8 May Main lecture took both slots Kathleen Satchwell Consider your Verdict - Court Cases of WW1
2014 10 April   Annual General Meeting Robin Smith From the Anglo-Boer War to the Great War
2014 13 March Ian Thurston James Stewart: Actor, Oscar winner & Bomber Pilot John Myburgh The Battle of the Somme
2014 13 Feb Jan-Willem Hoorweg Comical anecdotes from a musician in the S.A. Army 1980-1984 John Molloy The Battle of Reading 871 A.D.
2014 16 Jan Fr Anthony Egan Can there be a Just War ? Dr. Anne Samson Behind the Scenes of SA's WW1 Involvement
2013 12 Dec Colin Dean A Strange Naval Officer, a Cat and a Dog: Lake Tanganyika 1915 Temba Ndebele-Monyela Personal experiences of Military Training in Russia
2013 14 Nov Tim Waudby Focke-Wulfe 190 Raymond Heron Buller's Campaign: S.A. War 1899-1902
2013 10 Oct Bob Smith Boer Life on St. Helena Andre van der Veer Kormoran : Surprise on the High Seas
2013 12 Sep John Bleloch The Lion of the West : de la Rey John Parkinson HMS Durban in the Mediterranean 1934-36
2013 8 Aug Marion Mangold Hubert's Descent by Silk 1942 Alan Mantle Scapa Flow & History beneath the Waves
2013 11 Jul Marius Whittle British Command & Control during The Battle of Goose Green Dr. Arnold van Dyk The Diary of Lt. Col. Harry Scobell of the Scotch Greys
2013 13 Jun Col. C.J.Jacobs South Africa's participation in the North African Campaign 1940-43 Terry Willson The 1922 Rebellion: Capt. Fulford & the Boksburg Incident
2013 9 May Chris Ash Dr. Jameson & the Matabele War Colin Harris The Battle of Taranto
2013 11 April   Annual General Meeting Pierre du Toit SMS Konigsberg
2013 14 March Ann Bourdin How Germany lost the War in 1941 Robin Smith John Brown’s Raid on Harper’s Ferry, Oct 1859
2013 14 Feb Peter James-Smith Wellington Rising - His early life John Myburgh The American Civil War
2013 17 Jan John Molloy The Iceni Uprising 61 A.D. Nick Cowley Uncle Sam's Songs of Strife : U.S. music with martial links
2012 13 Dec Malcolm King The Private Papers of Capt. Tony Weber Kathleen Satchwell The Great War and Remembrance
2012 8 Nov Terry Leaver Major Plumbe's Companion Anne Samson The Life of Kitchener
2012 11 Oct Colin Dean Operation Gauntlet Fuel from the Arctic Bob Smith /
Ivor Little
Boer POWs on St Helena /
State of SA's Navy
2012 13 Sep Terry Willson The British Lee Enfield: A Century of Service Maeve Jacobs Emily Hobhouse
2012 9 Aug Jan Willem Hoorweg The Fighter Pilots War in the European Theatre 1939-45 John Parkinson HMS Hermes in the Indian Ocean & Persian Gulf in 1941
2012 12 Jul John Bleloch Milner: Hero or Villain Ivor Little Snippets from the Life of a Military Attaché
2012 14 Jun Charles Ross The work of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission Ken Gillings The Art of War; Lt.Col. J.N. Crealock's Anglo-Zulu War watercolours: then and now
2012 10 May Film Running time took both slots   The life of Roger Bushell - the Great Escape
2012 12 April   Annual General Meeting John Murray Operation Mincemeat : The man who never was
2012 8 March Marjorie Dean Military Miscellany Robin Smith The Campaign of Vicksburg
2012 9 Feb Colin Harris The American Civil War on Water: Introduction to the naval aspect John Myburgh All Quiet on the Western Front
2012 19 Jan John Molloy The Invasion of Britannia, 43 A.D. Pierre du Toit The Boer Lieutenant's War: Battle of Talana 1899
2011 8 Dec Col C J Jacobs Sir Garnet Wolseley's Campaign against the Bapedi 1879 Kathleen Satchwell In Search of 20 SA War Nurses
2011 10 Nov Ann Bourdin A Callow Youth: George Washington in the 7 Years War Hamish Paterson Battle of Phillipi 42 B.C.
2011 13 Oct Marius Whittle Airborne Armour Tony van Ryneveld Flight of Sir Pierre van Ryneveld and Quinton Brand in 1920
2011 8 Sep Quentin Kirkby My personal experiences in the SA navy Colin Dean Human Torpedoes
2011 11 Aug Walter Volker Covert Communications in the SA Border War Alan Mantle The 1915 Dardanelles Campaign:- The Defeat and the Controversy
2011 14 Jul Peter James-Smith Prof. Liebig's miraculous invention or the 19th C Military Food Revolution Tony Ford Trooper Joe Hillier - An Australian in the Anglo Boer War
2011 9 Jun Terry Willson Sir Charles Ross and his notorious rifle John Parkinson HMS Dorsetshire: Flagship Africa Station 1933-35 and WW II
2011 12 May Bob Smith Bones from the Alabama Terry Leaver The day Queen Victoria wept
2011 14 April   Annual General Meeting Helmoed Römer-Heitman Current Military Events in Southern Africa
2011 10 March Ian Thurston The Role of Great Yarmouth in WW I Robin Smith Sherman and his March to the Sea
2011 10 Feb Jan-Willem Hoorweg The Golden Horseshoe (U-99 and Otto Kretschmer) John Bleloch The Second Phase of the Anglo Boer War
2011 20 Jan Nick Cowley The Enigma Code-Breaker: Alan Turing John Molloy The Battle of Teutoburg Forest: 9 A.D.
2010 9 Dec Peter Mincher Funeral of Marshall Tito John Parkinson Early European Discovery of Australia
2010 11 Nov Michael Tatalias Andrew Beauchamp Proctor
WWI aviator & hero
Clive Wilsworth Baakenlaagte - The Story
2010 14 Oct Emile Coetzee Elwak or Bust Ken Gillings The Zulu Civil War
2010 9 Sep James Jacobs Ethiopia - Battle of Adowa 1896 Ann Bourdin A Century of mud - 1860's to 1960's
2010 12 Aug Ivor Little With the Chilean Navy in Antartica Kathleen Satchwell The Lost Boys
2010 8 Jul Marjorie Dean From the Veld to the Pole & back again (Oates) John Murray Some Irish VC's of the Anglo-Boer War
2010 10 Jun David Scholtz The Edwin Swales Memorial Hamish Paterson The Battle of Pharsalus, 48 B.C.
2010 13 May Emilio Coccia Italian POW's in South Africa (1945-47) Colin Dean Woks, Lops and Mops from a Master Codemaker
2010 8 April   Annual General Meeting Philip Weyers General Smuts & the Formation of the RAF & SAAF
2010 11 March Bob Smith The Perils of Pearl Harbour Robin Smith Pickett's Charge
2010 11 Feb Jan Willem Hoorweg Battle of Suomusalmi (Finland vs Russia) Raymond Heron Spionkop - The untold Story
2010 21 Jan Terry Willson The Boer, his Mauser & First World War Alan Mantle The War Machines of Leonardo da Vinci
2009 10 Dec Ian Thurston Escape from France - 1940 John Parkinson HIJMS Wakamiya - early Japanese naval air power
2009 12 Nov Tim Waudby Ghurka! Steve Lunderstedt The Boer Rebellion
2009 8 Oct Marius Whittle Operation Leopard - French Foreign Legion
Zaire 1978
Paul Kilmartin 1914 The Road to War & the Opening months
2009 10 Sep Ann Bourdin Salamis and Thermopylae Kathleen Satchwell From the Frontier to the Trenches 1914
2009 13 Aug Marjorie Dean America's Nightingales -
Heroines of the American Civil War
Prof. Tim Stapleton Black Police and Soldiers in Southern Rhodesia, 1923-65
2009 9 Jul Dean McElwee My father's Cap Badge collection
( 1890's to present )
Charles Leach Lt. 'Breaker' Morant & the Bushveldt Carbineers
2009 11 Jun Nick Cowley The Admirals of Rosebank Jack Mink Music of WW2
2009 14 May Hamish Paterson The Road to Amalindi John Bleloch Jamieson & the Raid
2009 9 April   Annual General Meeting Colin Dean Nazis on Ice - Busting a Myth
2009 12 March Ivor Little Project Dobbin Robin Smith Stonewall Jackson's Shenandoah Valley
Campaign in Spring 1862
2009 12 Feb David Scholtz Royal Sussex Memorial at Abraham's Kraal Morris Skikne Tanks battalions in the four Israeli wars
2009 15 Jan Debbie Schlosser A Tribute to Col Frans Nel Sarel Roussouw More adventures of radio hams in WWII
2008 11 Dec Terry Willson The History of a Rifle discovered in Zululand David Williams "On the Border" (his new book)
2008 13 Nov Flip Hoorweg Germany's own Dunkirk Steve Lunderstedt Koos de la Rey
2008 9 Oct Roslyn Peter Life & times of Rommel John Murray The Royal Marines
2008 11 Sep Robin Gardiner Special Operations Executives in Burma John Parkinson HMS Durban
WW2 - The East & D-Day
2008 14 Aug Felicia Fourie Four Exceptional Women in the Anglo Boer War Ken Gillings Aftermath of the Anglo Boer War
2008 10 Jul John Cramp Rorke's Drift - what became of the heroes ? Marius Whittle Airborne & Airmobile Warfare
2008 12 Jun Hamish Paterson Ill-met: U boat vs aircraft Alan Mantle Suez 1956 - The invasion & the aftermath
2008 8 May Nick Cowley Three Braggart Soldiers of the 19th Century Dr. Org de Bruyn The story that coins tell
2008 10 April   Annual General Meeting Marjorie Dean Walking the scene - Battlefield Tours
2008 13 March Donald Brown 'My' R.A.F. Robin Smith Shiloh - The emergence of Grant
2008 14 Feb Allan Sinclair The Battle of Sidi Rezegh - a study of a painting by Ralph Hill Tim Waudby Kipling Revived: the North Western Frontier
2008 17 Jan Sarel Rousseau Radio Hams at War Flip Hoorweg Hitler's Greatest Defeat: Operation Bagration, '44 -
the Red Army's conquest of Belorussia.
2007 13 Dec John Murray Death of a Hero - Nairac, G.C. Col. James Jacobs The Basotho Wars 1820-1869
2007 8 Nov Roslyn Peter The Graf Spee Steve Lunderstedt Freddie Tait - The Golfing Hero
2007 11 Oct Martin Ayres 1066 - a year that changed England forever John Parkinson Japan: 1863-64 British Naval Bombardment of Kagoshima
2007 13 Sep John Cramp Soldier Prince - Edward of Kent,
Queen Victoria's Father
Hamish Paterson Cleopatra vs Augus - the Battle of Actium
2007 16 Aug Ivor Little San Boats (Eagle Oil) at War Colin Dean The Spice Trade Wars
2007 12 Jul Marjorie Dean Sunset in the West - Hood's Tennessee Campaign Carvel Webb The History of SIG Firearms
2007 14 Jun Klaus Kuhne Britische Freikorps - South Africans involved Tim Waudby The way back - Burma 1943-1945
2007 10 May Donald Brown A child at War Clive Willsworth The SA Artillery in Action 1975-1988
2007 12 April   Annual General Meeting Martin Ayres The Planning of D Day, 1944
2007 8 March David Williams Seven Famous Battles that shaped South Africa Robin Smith 9 days in April - Grant's pursuit of Lee, April, 1865
2007 8 Feb Nick Cowley The Great Escape - South Africans involved Hamilton Wende The King's Shilling - 1916 - East Africa
2007 18 Jan Flip Hoorweg Julius Caesar & the Battle of Alesia 52 B.C. Frank Diffenthal We were volunteers - Angola 1975
2006 19 Jan Flip Hoorweg Defeat into Victory: Mons 1914 vs Mons 1918 David Williams The History of Rank
2006 9 Feb Avram Pelunsky Three Battles of Gaza, 1917 Mario Lupini The Italian Involvement in the Anglo-Boer War
2006 9 March Terry Leaver Britain the Middle East & T E Lawrence Robin Smith Antietam - the American Civil War's Bloodiest Day
2006 13 April   Annual General Meeting Carvel Webb Radio and its Transformation of Modern Warfare
2006 11 May Bob Smith Bridge on the River Kwai SAAACA panel SAAACA Debate - merits of various weapons
2006 8 Jun Colin Dean WW2 POW Camps in the UK Dick Bullen Burma
2006 13 Jul Geoff Hardy Strategy of the American Civil War:
Anaconda Blockade of the South
Martin Ayres Hundred Years War - Joan of Arc
2006 10 Aug Ivor Little Wooden Walls to Dreadnoughts -
Gun, Ram, Armour or Torpedo?
MC Heunis OVSAC - Oranje Vrijstaat Artillerie Corps
- Boer War Artillery Trophy Guns
2006 14 Sep John Parkinson Some Arctic Activities:
Vice Admiral Sir Henry Kellett
Paul Kilmartin SA's last VC, Edwin Swales
2006 12 Oct Huffy Pott Battle of Berg-en-Dal John Murray The French Foreign Legion
2006 9 Nov John Cramp The evolution of the Victoria Cross John Parkinson Early Steam-Navigation of the Yangtse Gorges
2006 14 Dec Terry Willson The Natal Volunteers, 1854 to 1912 Andre Sharashkin The Russian Front of the Second World War
2005 20 Jan Gerald Zwirn Voices from the Past Flip Hoorweg The Saint Mihiel and Meuse-Argonne Offensive: 1918
2005 10 Feb Angela Embleton "We learnt to fly by the seat of our pants" - diary of a SA Pilot in WWI Robin Smith The Struggle for Chattanooga
2005 10 March Susanne Blendulf Women's Territorial Service, East Africa 1939-45 Stuart Sterzel The Battle of Cuito Cuanevale, Angola, 1987
2005 14 April   Annual General Meeting Frank Bullen No Scarlet, No Bearskin
2005 12 May Terry Leaver V E Day SAAACA group Cut and Thrust: A Century of British Swords
2005 9 Jun Bruce Wentzel Royal Marines 1812 - in the Movies Ivor Little "A Name Amongst Seafaring Men" - The Proud Military Legacy Of The Training Ship 'General Botha'
2005 14 Jul R Morgan-Wilson Toxopholy - a new string to your bow John Murray Sinking of the Lusitania
2005 11 Aug Theo Truter The battle for Keren, Eritrea, Feb 1941 Hamish Paterson Japan's longest day - the decision to surrender
2005 8 Sep Col C J Jacobs The Lucy Ring - (Soviet name for German Spy Rudolf Roessler) John Parkinson 1858: British Treaties with China and Japan:
H.M.S. FURIOUS at Shanghai, The Peiho, and Yeddo
2005 13 Oct Marjorie Dean Trafalgar - the Making of a Hero Terry Willson The Order Book of Major Tottenham, 12th Lancers
2005 10 Nov Martin Ayres Admiral Nagumo and his Fateful Decisions: Pearl Harbour to Midway Gerald Zwirn The last days of Mussolini
2005 8 Dec Felicia Fourie The Peace Negotiations - Anglo-Boer War Colin Dean Flying Bombs
2004 15 Jan Dennis Culligan World War II Recollections Flip Hoorweg The Exploits of Kampfgruppe Peiper
2004 12 Feb Ivor Little The Warship that Wouldn't Die Walter Murton Snapshots of War - The Crimea
2004 11 March John Murray Field Marshal Lord Slim of Burma: Uncle Bill Martin Ayres The Hundred Years War - Part I
2004 8 April   Annual General Meeting Marius Whittle Maj-General Fuller and Capt. Liddell-Hart: 'The Terrible Twins'
2004 13 May Deon Fourie Smuts the Soldier SAAACA British Small Arms in the 20th Century
2004 10 Jun George Barrell D-Day Col CJ Jacobs Guerilla Phase of the Anglo-Boer War in the NE Transvaal
2004 8 Jul Col Allen Young Special Forces League Hamish Paterson Death of a Kingmaker: Warwick
2004 12 Aug Flip Hoorweg Nathan Bedford Forrest - Forerunner of Christiaan De Wet? John Parkinson Vice Admiral Nagumo in the Indian Ocean - April 1942
2004 9 Sep Louis Wildenboer Anzio Annie: The Story of a Gun Paul Kilmartin 'Why the Poppy? Why Remember?'
2004 14 Oct Marjorie Dean Major-General 'Roy' Urquhart (of Arnhem) Ken Gillings What Really Happened at Vlakfontein: May 1901
2004 11 Nov Bob Smith Ladysmith: The Battle of Wagon Hill Jan 1900 Colin Dean Chinese Colonial Expansion in the 15th Century
2004 9 Dec Geoff Hardy Excerpts of the Boer War diary of Private J. L. Hardy with the Royal West Kents. Terry Willson The British Sniper of World Wars I & II.
2003 16 Jan Martin Ayres SNAFU revisited (#6) Peter Goodship The Battle of Helvetia: Dec 1900
2003 13 Feb John Bleloch The Heliograph Achilles Kallos The Balkan Wars of Independence: 1821-1922
2003 13 March Terry Wilson The Jacobs Rifle Paul Kilmartin The Mystery of the Flight of Rudolph Hess: 1941
2003 10 April   Annual General Meeting John Murray The Easter Rising, Dublin 1916
2003 8 May Hamish Paterson Finding Military Ancestors SAACA The Development of the Gun (small arms)
2003 12 Jun Flip Hoorweg The USA: The Arsenal of Democracy Steve Lunderstedt Magersfontein
2003 10 Jul Marjorie Dean Florence Nightingale Paul Chappe P.R.A.W. (Police Reserve Air Wing, Rhodesia)
2003 14 Aug Terry Leaver General Douglas MacArthur Paul Schamburger Swiss Armed Neutrality in WW2
2003 11 Sep John Murray Sinking of the Scharnhorst, 1943 Colin Dean The Jet Race
2003 9 Oct Geoff Hardy Amazing British Bi-plane Ops of WW2 Col. C J Jacobs 1st Battle of Alamein, July 1942:
The role of the 1st S A Division
2003 13 Nov Avram Pelunsky If the Germans had know the Allies
had Cracked Enigma
Hamish Paterson King vs Kingmaker: The Wars of the Roses
2003 11 Dec Alan Sinclair The Art of the Museum: Part 2 George Barrell The Great Game: Russo-British Rivalry in 19th Century Afghanistan
2002 17 Jan Hamish Paterson His Majesty's U-Boat Louis Jean Tavlet Fashoda 1898: Britain meets France in Africa
2002 14 Feb Heinrich Janzen The German Cruiser Prinz Eugen John Murray The Channel Dash 1942
2002 7 March George Barrell The Experiences of a British Officer with the Pom-Pom in the Anglo-Boer War Martin Ayres The Desert Rats in the Gulf War: 1990-91
2002 11 April   Annual General Meeting Frank Bullen The Other Side of the Bayeux Tapestry
2002 9 May Marjorie Dean The Historical Novel: A Place to Start SAAACA Bayonets
2002 13 Jun Colin Dean The German Underground David Williams The Battle of Sidi Rezegh, 1941
2002 11 Jul Geoff Hardy Aspects of the Spanish Civil War Paul Schamberger The Siege of Mafeking
2002 22 Aug John Murray The Irish Guards: The Micks Dr Alan Kayle The Sinking of the Birkenhead, Salvage and Artifacts
2002 12 Sep Hamish Paterson Defence of the Oslo Fjord in April 1940 Louis Wildenboer Heavy Gustav: The Story of a Gun
2002 10 Oct John Parkinson HMS Durban: Her First Commission Flip Hoorweg The Hurtgen Battles: 1944 and 1945
2002 14 Nov George Barrell Colonel Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck:
A German Guerrilla Genius in Africa
Walter Murton The Four Battles of the Greek/Persian Conflict: 5th Century B.C.
2002 12 Dec Bob Smith A Soldier's Life: General Sir Ian Hamilton Hamish Paterson Charleston to Camden, South Carolina, 1780
2001 18 Jan George Barrell Battle of Tannenberg in Aug 1914 Hamish Paterson The Wars of the Roses
2001 8 Feb main lecture took both slots Robin Smith The Crimean War 1854-56
2001 8 March John Sutton The British South African Police in the Anglo-Boer War Hendrik van Eck Sir Charles Warren's Campaign in the Northern Cape
2001 19 April   Annual General Meeting Neil Lee The Bayeaux Tapestry
2001 10 May Colin Dean Early submarines - CSS Hunley Hamish Paterson Wars of the Roses part II
Mortimer's Cross to Towton
2001 14 Jun Geoff Hardy General George H Thomas George Barrell The Battle of Britain - An Alternative View
2001 12 Jul Flip Hoorweg The Last Stand of the White Bread Division Pierre du Toit Anglo-Boer War Lantern Slide Show - from the Boer Side
2001 16 Aug John Murray Profiles in Courage (Campbell VC
and Esmonde VC)
Nico Othenos Japanese Arms
2001 13 Sep Louis Wildenboer The Lady Roberts Gun Rod Hooper-Box The Cape Mounted Rifles
2001 11 Oct Alan Sinclair Art at the Military History Museum Bert Woodhouse Prehistory of Conflict: Weapons in the
Rock Art of Southern Africa
2001 8 Nov Avrum Pelunsky The Russo-Finnish War 1939-40 Flip Hoorweg The Mexican War of 1846
2001 13 Dec Leslie Ayres Women Disguised as Men in War
(Part 2)
William Lane The War Diaries of Burgher Jack Lane -
From Modder River to Paardeburg
2000 14 Dec Martin Ayres SNAFU 5 Colin Dean Gyroscopes in the history of modern warfare
2000 9 Nov Leslie Ayres Women Disguised as Men in War Dr Walter Murton Star Wars
2000 12 Oct Louis Wildenboer The Paris Gun Hamish Paterson Clive of India: Calcutta to Plassey
2000 12 Sep John Murray Nelson meets Wellington - 1805 Peter Goodship The political battle of Nooitgedacht
2000 10 Aug Martin Ayres One day in Military History Rob Milne Anecdotes of the Aglo-Boer War
2000 13 Jul Dr Walter Murton The Gulf War - 1991 Dr Ron Bester Boer Rifles of the Anglo-Boer War
2000 8 Jun Marjorie Dean The Boxer Rebellion Harold Miller My experiences as a prisoner of war in WW2
2000 11 May Lyn Miller An Anglo-Boer War Lantern Slide Show Elsabé Brink The Plight of Johannesburg's Civilians Prior to the Outbreak of the Anglo-Boer War
2000 13th April   Annual General Meeting John Murray The Fighting Gurkhas
2000 9th March Hamish Paterson The Battle of Coutras 1587: Catholics versus Huguenots Barbara Conradie The History of the Standard Bank in the Anglo-Boer War
2000 10 Feb Avram Pelunsky 1999: A centenary of strategic importance Flip Hoorweg The Battle of the Three Emperors: Austerlitz, 1805
2000 20 Jan Heinrich Janzen The Battle of Isandlwana George Barrell Magersfontein: The "Court Martial" of Lord Methuen
1999 9 Dec Prof Ian Copley A Photographic Record of the Northumberland Fusiliers in the Anglo-Boer War Peter Goodship Battle of Nooitgedacht Re-Assessed
1999 11 Nov John Murray The Irish Regiments of WW1 Hamish Paterson The History of the Natal Volunteers
1999 14 Oct Heinrich Janzen The Battle of Elandslaagte Dr Felix Machanik Lancers in the Anglo-Boer War
1999 9 Sep Prof A Grundlingh read by K Couldridge The Anglo-Boer War in the Afrikaner National Consciousness in the 20th Century Marjorie Dean The Campaign for Atlanta - 1854
1999 12 Aug Colin Dean Early Submarines and Torpedoes Dr Jane Carruthers Anglo-Boer War Artists - Melton Prior
1999 8 Jul Flip Hoorweg Naval Blunders of the 20th Century John Murray The English Longbow
1999 10 Jun G v d Merwe Building Warships at Knysna in WW2 Prof J Lambert Experiences of Natal Loyal Africans in the Anglo-Boer War
1999 13 May George Barrell The Success of the Blitzkrieg: The Battle of France - 1940 R Hooper-Box Long Rifles in Battle 1795 - 1902 British Weapons in South Africa
1999 8 April   Annual General Meeting Hamish Paterson The Battles of Lexington and Concord: The American War of Independence - 1775
1999 11 March Dr Walter Murton Airman training in the USA - WWII Penny Grimbeek Smuts the Man
1999 11 Feb Professor Ian Copley A Tour of Haartbeestpoort during the Anglo-Boer War Martin Ayres The Duke of Marlborough
1999 14 Jan L Wildenboer Homemade Artillery Kemsley-Couldridge Some Ethereal Aspects of War
1998 10 Dec Martin Ayres SNAFU 4 Flip Hoorweg A Bridge Too Far - Noord River
1998 12 Nov John Murray Henry V's Agincourt Campaign of 1415 Martin Ayres Napoleon's Invasion of Russia in 1812
1998 10 Sep G Barrell The Yom Kippur War - October 1973 W Murton Unsung Heroes
1998 8 Oct L Wildenboer The Making of the Atomic Bomb H Paterson The Decision to Drop the Bomb
1998 13 Aug Colin Dean The Fish That Sank Prof C Miller Canada Goes to War 1899-1900
1998 19 Jul Prof Ian Copley What Happened to Veldkornet C Kruger Heinrich Janzen General Heinz Wilhelm Guderian
1998 11 Jun Terry Willson A Relic from Berea: Facts and Speculation, or Coincidence K Couldridge The Scottish Dirk, From Ballocks to Kidneys to Jewellery
1998 14 May F W Bullen All the Queen's Men Lt-Gen. J Dutton With the Armour in Korea
1998 16 April   Annual General Meeting Hamish Paterson The Great Marianas Turkey Shoot
1998 12 March Martin Ayres Historical instances of military incompetence Maj-Gen R de Vries Case studies in mechanised warfare
1998 12 Feb John Murray The Massacre of Glencoe- 1692 Prof D Fourie The Evolution of Regimental Colours in SA
1998 15 Jan Rev N R Campbell Chaplain Smith at Rourkes Drift Colin Dean Solving an Enigma: How the puzzles of the Enigma Code machine Were Solved
1997 11 Dec F Machanik The Zion Mule Corps at Gallipoli - April 1915 W Murton Words and Music During Conflict
1997 13 Nov Colin Dean Chinese war strategies as expounded by Sun Tzu Hamish Paterson The Battle of Leyte Gulf- October 1944
1997 9 Oct John Murray The Battle of Flodden - 1513 - England v Scotland - a replay Dimitri Friend The Unwomanly Face of War - Russian women in WW2
1997 11 Sep H Janzen Nowotny's Final Encounter - 1844 BEK Couldridge The Battle of Boomplaats - 1848
1997 14 Aug Three speakers Cdr M Bisset Navy's 75th anniversary
    Heinrich Janzen Parade of the Imperial Light Horse for the 1947 Royal visit Ronnie Kasrils Umkhonto weSizwe
1997 10 Jul John Murray The Irish Guards - The Fighting Micks Marjorie Dean When Billie met Jamie - The War in Ireland, 1690-91
1997 12 Jun Flip Hoorweg Footnotes to D-Day David Ransom The growth of the RAF
1997 8 May George Barrell The experiences of a teenager in the blitz Louis Wildenboer The battleship
1997 10 April   Annual General Meeting Capt Ivor Little The Scottish Navy
1997 13 March Martin Ayres The Unluckiest Division in WW1 Louis Wildenboer The English Castle
1997 13 Feb Rev Russell Campbell Did the Boers Have Chaplains? Hamish Paterson The Fetterman Disaster of 1866
1997 16 Jan Prof. Ian Copley Three newly discovered forts in the Hartbeestport area Heinrich Janzen Monte Cassino - Italy 1944
1996 12 Dec Felix Machanik Lt. Col. J P H Crowe, South Africa's first V.C. George Barrell The Indian Mutiny - 1857
1996 14 Nov Martin Ayres Another dive into Military Incompetence Hamish Paterson The Battle of Cape Matapan
1996 10 Oct Dimitri Friend The Role of Women in WWII Flip Hoorweg War and Factions in Former Yugoslavia
1996 12 Sept Louis Wildenboer General Erwin Rommel Jenny Copley The Horse in Warfare
1996 15 Aug Capt Ivor Little Touching on the Adventures of Merchantmen in WWII Prof Ian Copley Rietfontein
1996 11 Jul Colin Dean The First Falklands War Howard Hardy The Rock of Chicamauga
1996 13 Jun Dr Felix Machanik Submarines in the Dardanelles Kemsley Couldridge The Battle of Bannockburn
1996 9 May Hamish Paterson The Battle of Grahamstown - 1819 Martin Ayres Chain Mail to Chobham - armour in warfare
1996 11 April   Annual General Meeting Marjorie Dean 1745 Jacobite Rebellion in Britain and
the Battle of Culloden 1746
1996 14 March J J Retief Oradour sur Glane Capt Ivor Little Portugal's war in Angola
1996 14 February Hamish Paterson on behalf of Dmitri Friend The Hunter Group Howard Hardy The Strategy of the American Civil War
1996 11 January Capt. J H Spier A teenager in the Battle of Britain Dr. Felix Machanik Jameson Raid
1995 14 Dec H R Pell The immobilisation of the French fleet, 1940 Hamish Paterson The Battle of Colin, 1757
1995 9 Nov Felix Mechanik Chainmail armour George Barrell Operation Pedestal: The Malta convoy of August 1942
1995 12 Oct Elizabeth Leaver Florence Nightingale Terry Leaver The Crimean War
1995 14 Sep Ian Knight Prinz Eugen Louis Wildenboer The Battle of Savo Island
1995 10 Aug Kemsley Couldridge St. Andrew, his saltire and the First Crusade Hamish Paterson No gold - No Swiss: The rise and fall of the Swiss pikemen
1995 13 Jul F Machanik The Tattoos & Trophies of War D Friend The German influence in SA military history
(Supplemented by artifacts from the Museum)
1995 8 Jun Panel discussion which took both slots Ayres/Couldridge/Paterson The second Carthaginian (Punic) War:
The battles of Trebia, Lake Trasimene, Cannae & Zama: Weapons, dress and tactics of the armies.
1995 11 May Louis Wildenboer The Fall of Fort Eban Emael, 1940 Ken Gillings The Bambatha Rebellion of 1906 - the Nkandla Operation and the Battle of Mome Gorge
1995 20 April   Annual General Meeting G Barrell The Roman Invasion of Britain
1995 9 March J Mahncke The German anti-aircraft auxiliaries in WW2 (A personal experience) K Couldridge The Bloody Fighting 95th A rifle regiment of innovations
1995 9 Feb Prof. Ian Copley The Mystery of Lt. Pilkington Prof. Ian Copley The 2nd Battle of Silkaatsnek
1995 12 Jan Martin Ayres Queen Victoria's other Generals Tom Ely The Imperial Indian Army
1994 8 Dec Dr Felix Machanik Rockets of 1814 Hamish Paterson Between Cape Town and Mauritius - the struggle for the Indian Ocean 1795-1810
1994 10 Nov R S Glyn Verdun Dr John Bleloch The Reformers' Revenge at Elandslaagte
1994 13 Oct Dimitri Friend Koevoet Dr. Stanley Monick's compilation A video entitled: "Up the Line to Death Four Poets of the Western Front"
1994 8 Sep Dimitri Friend 32 Battalion Terry Leaver Dien Bien Phu
1994 11 Aug Kemsley Couldridge Napoleon dallies in Egypt Hamish Paterson Luederitzbucht to Gibeon 1914-1915
1994 14 Jul Panel presentation which took both slots Paterson/Couldridge/Ayres The Persian Invasion of Greece
1994 9 Jun L. Wildenboer The Battle of Hastings George Barrell The Bismarck
1994 19 May John Mahncke A German POW in Egypt (or: Egypt on 2.5 Piasters a day) Henk Loots Collecting and Researching Medals
1994 14 April   Annual General Meeting Kemsley Couldridge Events prior to the Battle of Trafalgar
1994 10 March Dr. Felix Machanik Tzar Peter the Great of Russia, (1689-1725) Louis Wildenboer Magersfontein to Paardberg
1994 10 Feb Terry Leaver General Douglas MacArthur Martin Ayres South Wales Borderers
1994 13 Jan Hamish Paterson Medieval Knights, their armour and weapons Ian B. Simmonds The "Tiger of Mysore", Tippoo Sultan
1993 9 Dec Col Jack Clayton Battle of the Atlantic Hamish Paterson Princeling beats Napoleon: The battle of Aspern-Essling, 2l-22 Aug. 1809
1993 11 Nov Kemsley Couldridge Napoleon's Polish wife: Maria Walewska Brig Roland de Vries Mobile Warfare (personal experience)
1993 10 Oct Main lecture took both slots Capt. Ivor Little Pacific War 1879 - the Naval War between Chile and Peru
1993 9 Sep MGH video The Boer War in Natal Prof. Ian Copley Ambush at Kalkheuvel Pass
1993 12 Aug MGH video The Sandhurst Royal Military Academy David Panagos The Trojan Wars
1993 5 Jul Vincent Carruthers African wars of the Magaliesberg Dr. Jane Carruthers British artist Melton Prior (1845 - 1910)
1993 10 Jun Panel discussion took both slots Ayres, Couldridge, Paterson, Ian & Jenny Copley Waterloo
1993 13 May Martin Ayres History Quiz Martin Ayres History of the Royal Horse Artillery
1993 15 April   Annual General Meeting Terry Leaver The Battle of Imjin River
1993 11 March Martin Ayres Britain's conquest of the Cape Hamish Paterson Convoy P.Q. 17
1993 11 Feb Gen. Sir Anthony Farrar-Hockley Is military history relevant? Wulf Haaker Herero Skirmish - Search for the Kalahari battle site
1993 14 Jan Roy Glynn The battle of Verdun Col. Jack Murray-Wall Personal reminiscences of armoured warfare
1992 10 Dec Dave Panagos Mortello/Martello Towers Captain Ivor Little In the wake of HMS Dragon
1992 12 Nov Jennifer Copley The Royal Air Force before and during WWI John Mahncke The Zeppelin Era
1992 8 Oct Video El Alamein Ike Rosmarin Inside Story: Reminiscences of a POW
1992 10 Sep Avram Pelunsky The Battle of Midway 1942 Video The Unnecessary War - 10 years after the Falklands War
1992 13 Aug General Pretorius A day with the column of Maj. Augustus C. Baillie Dr Walter Murton A personal account of 'The Rhine Cauldron'
1992 9 Jul     Mrs. Lynn Fordred The Dogs of War (canines)
1992 11 Jun Hamish Paterson Military Load Bearing equipment, i.e. uniforms and packs Prof.I.B. Copley 1st battle of Silkaatsnek on 11th July 1990
1992 14 May Ian Uys The Honoris Crux John Keene The manufacture of war gases in South Africa
1992 9 April AGM followed by I. Greef: military insignia Lionel Bussin Personal experiences as a P.O.W.
1992 12 March Hamish Paterson Some military art reproductions Colonel Jack Clayton South African Air Force in Madagascar
1992 13 Feb Dimitri Friend European influence on SA's uniform, music, customs and firearms Martin Ayres Wellington's Peninsula Army
1992 Jan Avram Pelunsky Early Military Wireless with some South African associations Achilles Kallos The Greek War of Independence 1821
1985 12 Dec Maj D D Hall Comparison of the artillery used in the Boer War and the Falklands. Film Evening The Battle of Britain
1985 14 Nov     Col. P.M.J. McGregor The History and Development of the South African Air Force Museum
1985 17 Oct Major Hall Comparison of the artillery used in the Boer War and the Falklands Major Denis Sheil-Small, M.C. The Gurkhas
1985 12 Sep Major Hall Jameson Raid day trip Professor D.B. Saddington The Legionary and the auxiliary in the Roman Army
1985 Aug     Major D.D. Hall Above the Trenches
1985 8 Jul Ken Gillings A video-taped tour of the Old Fort in Durban Stuart Stiles The Wars of The Roses/TD>
1985 13 Jun Metro-Goldwyn-Hall The sinking of PT 109, John F Kennedy's ship, Solomon Islands 1940 Melville Milner The British Expeditionery Force in France in 1940
1985 9 May Commandant Baker The German 88mm gun H W "Nick" Kinsey The Brandwater Basin and Golden Gate Surrenders, 1900
1985 11 April   Annual General Meeting Video Churchill-Champion of Freedom
1985 14 March     Cmdt. OEF Baker Some Unusual Experiences of South Africa POWs in World War II
1985 14 Feb     Ken G Gillings A Helpmekaar Duel
1985 10 Jan MGH Hitler's mountain retreat at Berchtesgaden Dr Stanley Monick The Rush to Relieve Gordon, 1884/85
1984 15 Dec       Quiz Evening
1984 8 Nov Nick Kinsey Mick the Dog Commander Royce L Caplinger (US Naval Attaché) U.S. Naval Aviation Involvement in the Vietnam War
1984 11 Oct     Professor Deon Fourie First Shaba War, Zaire
1984 13 Sep     Maj. D.D. Hall The Secret War, 1939-1945
1984 9 Aug Metro-Goldwyn-Hall The connection between Texas and D Day Dr. Felix Machanik Naval Medical History
1984 12 Jul Metro-Goldwyn-Hall The Second World War Colonel David Hanson, OBE, (British Military Attaché) Northern Ireland, 1969/1984
1984 14 Jun Ian Uys Foundation laying of Delville Wood Memorial Kobus Esterhuysen The Post Office Militant
1984 10 May Metro-Goldwyn-Hall Ceremony of Changing the Guard at the Horse Guards in London Mr IT Greig The Convoy System and the Two Battles of the Atlantic (1914/18 and 1939/45)
1984 12 April   Annual General Meeting Film War under the Sea
1984 8 March Metro-Goldwyn-Hall Italian Campaign; World War I trenches from above Stewart Stiles General French's Colesberg Campaign - 1899-1900
1984 8 February Metro-Goldwyn-Hall "Flashman" and the Afghan Wars Dr. Stanley Monick The Dardanelles
1984 12 January Metro-Goldwyn-Hall Portraits of military leaders of the past two centuries Mr Sam Merwis A Military Observer in North Africa and Italy in World War II
1983 12 Dec First meeting held in the J C Lemmer Auditorium following 180 held in the Museum Library
1983 12 Dec Metro-Goldwyn-Hall Illustrated account of the history of the museum Maj Darrell D Hall South Africans on the Western Front, 1914-18
1983 10 Nov Four speakers:
Bill Garr
George Armstrong Custer Dr G.A. Christidis Personal experience in Royal Greek Air Force in Gaza.
1983 10 Nov Maj Darrell Hall Four components in military history research Nick Kinsey Field work for War Graves Commission
1983 14 Oct Metro-Goldwyn-Hall Same but different Will Carr The Jameson Raid
1983 8 Sep Metro-Goldwyn-Hall Who is Who in Military History A - G Hall, Kinsey and Gough-Palmer Mafeking Re-visited
1983 11 Aug Metro-Goldwyn-Hall Off to War: the ships which took part in the Falklands conflict Chief Rabbi B.M. Casper Experiences as a Chaplain of the Forces during World War II
1983 14 Jul Metro-Goldwyn-Hall Guns of the Great: personal sidearms and rifles of several famous and infamous personalities. Ian Uys Delville Wood
1983 9 Jun Metro-Goldwyn-Hall Decorations: Audie Murphy; Douglas Bader; Guy Gibson. Major J.L. van Eyssen The Warsaw Airlift
1983 19 May Metro-Goldwyn-Hall Military careers of famous personalities Don Beswick The Blockhouse System of the Anglo Boer War 1899/1902
1983 21 April AGM then Metro-Goldwyn-Hall Photos from MHS Tours Maj D D Hall 100 Years of Barrack Room Ballads
1983 10 March Capt. Ivor Little On the Maritime Threat to SA Maj D D Hall and Fl.Lt. Peter Fox A Subaltern's Diary 1917: 2nd Lt. R.E. Stevenson on the Western Front
1983 10 Feb Metro-Goldwyn-Hall Twists in research - for King and country Dr S Monick The Role of Naval Brigades in War, 1854 to 1918
1983 13 Jan Metro-Goldwyn-Hall The rescue of Mussolini from the Gran Sasso Dr Dermot Moore The SAAF in Korea
1982 9 Dec Film took both slots "A Bridge Too Far" about Operation Market Garden
1982 11 Nov Mrs Shearing Researching Smuts in the Cape Province, info wanted Major Alistair Martin The Campaign in the Arakan
1982 14 Oct Dr. Machanik The Indian stretcher bearers organized by Gandhi at Ladysmith Col. John de Candole, M.C., British Defense and Military Attache 1st Kings Dragoon Guards
1982 9 Sep Metro-Goldwyn-Hall Soldiers in Uniform - influence on former colonies Rod Murchison The Peninsula Campaign
1982 12 Aug Metro-Goldwyn-Hall Quiz on "Faces from the Boer War" Norman Clothier The Mendi Disaster, 1917
1982 8 Jul Metro-Goldwyn-Hall Soldiers in Uniform - 1st Century Roman centurion to one of the Red Devils at Arnhem Johan Bruwer The Battle of Monte Stanco, October 1944
1982 10 Jun Metro-Goldwyn-Hall USS Phoenix at Pearl Harbour became Argentinian General Belgrano in the Falklands War Don Forsyth Medals and Decorations
1982 13 May Metro-Goldwyn-Hall Slide show: "Task Force" 3rd Royal Marine Commando Brigade training Cmdt. "SB" Bourquin Colonel A.W. Durnford
1982 15 April   Annual General Meeting Metro-Goldwyn-Hall The Western Front - Then and Now
1982 11 March     W.J.P.Carr The 1922 Strike
1982 11 Feb     Cmdt. J.R.McGregor Arabian Peninsular Contingencies: Kuwait Aden and Oman
1982 14 Jan     Dr Ian Copley Robin Hood and feudal times - fact or fiction?
1981 10 Dec     Film evening Breaker Morant
1981 12 Nov     Dr C.A.R. Schulenberg Breaker Morant
1981 8 Oct     Dr. Felix Machanik Fortifications
1981 3 Sep     Professor J.C. de Villiers Medical Services during the Anglo-Boer War of 1899/1902
1981 13 Aug     Maj. Darrell Hall At the Call of King and Country - An Infantry Subaltern on the Western Front, 1917
1981 9 Jul     Mr Peter Fox Airborne Lifeline - Role of the Royal Air Force over Burma, 1942/1945
1981 11 Jun     Mrs. Janice Farquharson Front-Line Experiences of Poets on the Western Front, 1914/1918
1981 14 May     Mr Peter Tunstall Colditz
1981 9 April   Annual General Meeting Darrell Hall The Majuba battlefield tour
1981 12 March     Maj. A.B. "Theuny" Theunisson General Staff Officer (6 S.A. I. battalion) in WWII
1981 12 Feb     Col. G Duxbury Schuinshoogte, Laing's Nek & Amajuba Battles of the Transvaal War of 1880/81
1981 15 Jan     Col. G Duxbury "The Origin and Causes of the Transvaal War 1880/1" and "Bronkhorstspruit"
1980 11 Dec     Film evening The 3 hour epic film "Patton"
1980 13 Nov     Maj Hall with Charles Cohen The Story of the Long Tom Guns in the South African War of 1899-1902
1980 16 Oct     Mrs. Sheila Henderson Alexander Biggar
1980 4 Sep     Kmdt C.M. Bakkes Die stryd aan die Grens deur die oë van die Gewone Manskap
1980 14 Aug     Maj. Doug Tidy The Museum's aircraft
1980 10 Jul     Mr. Peter Tunstall The Road to Colditz
1980 12 Jun     Mr. Frans Pretorius Life on Commando during the Anglo-Boer War, 1899/1902
1980 8 May Maj Hall Guess the general - from family slides Cmdt. Deon Fourie Angolan Adventure, 1975/76
1980 10 April   Annual General Meeting Mr Paul Barker introduced two films on aircraft: "Unquiet Peace - Airpower after WW2 - Berlin & Korea" and "Past and Present- The development of the War Plane"
1980 13 March     Capt. Julian Orford Methuen - Man of the West
1980 14 Feb     Prof Marcus Arkin All at Sea - John Company's Adventures in South African Waters
1980 10 Jan     Dr. Philip Gon The Last Frontier War
1979 13 Dec     Mr. Paul Barker - films Cranwell's Squadrons; Make a Signal and Desert Victory
1979 8 Nov     Mr. Keith Campbell An assessment of China as a military power after the Sino-Vietnamese War, February 1979
1979 11 Oct Three short talks by branch members Bill Garr Gettysburg
1979 11 Oct Paul Barker Some planes of the Luftwaffe Fred Wright Personal reminiscences - some episodes in the war in the desert
1979 13 Sep     Colonel A.D. Cilliers Reminiscences of being on the staff of Gen. Dan Pienaar
1979 9 Aug     Mr. Gerald Stewart The Charge of the Light Brigade
1979 ? Jul        
1979 14 Jun     Major V.G. Metcalfe Experiences as a War Artist
1979 10 May     Mr. George Chadwick The Zulu War
1979 12 April   Annual General Meeting Mr. Peter Walton Souvenirs of the Zulu War
1979 8 March     Darrell Hall, Peter Fox and Gunther Vogel Scharnhorst / Gneisenau
1979 8 Feb     Paul Adler Sandfontein S.W.A. 1914-1918 War
1979 11 Jan     Cmdt S. Bourquin The Zulu War
1978 14 Dec     Film evening No details
1978 9 Nov     Maj A C M Tyrrell Sappers in Italy
1978 12 Oct     Prof P Beighton The Congo Crisis of 1960
1978 14 Sep     Mr P Fox The Battle of Britain
1978 10 Aug     Mnr F Pretorius Gen Christiaan de Wet se Ontsnapping oor die Magaliesberg, Augustus 1900
1978 13 Jul Mr R Maree Bicycles in War Capt A Blake Medal Oddities
1978 13 Jul Three talks by Museum Staff: Mr S Monick The Kinkead Medal Group
1978 Jun     Mr N. Mapham Fighting Terrorists in 1850 in the Eastern Cape
1978 May     Mr C. Cohen Lawrence of Arabia
1978 April   Annual General Meeting   Film Evening
1978 March     Mr P E B Rice Battle of Verdun
1978 Feb     Maj D D Hall Vietnam Slide Show
1978 Jan     Col D Polley OBE Postscripts of some of the personalities and regiments which fought in the Zulu War, 1879. Film: Royal Hospital, Chelsea
1977 Dec       Quiz Evening
1977 Nov     Mr I S Uys Victoria Cross Awards of South African Interest
1977 Oct     Mr R A Elliott The Mahratta Wars
1977 Sep     Mr P Digby The British Forts of Pretoria 1880/81
1977 Aug     Mr G M Stewart The Battle of Waterloo
1977 Jul     Dr P Becker Thaba Bosiu - Hill of Destiny
1977 Jun     Mr P Fox The Nuremberg Raid
1977 May     Dr O N Ransford The Matopos Campaign
1977 April   Annual General Meeting   Film Show
1977 March     Lt H E Winder A Subaltern on the Western Front
1977 Feb Museum tour by: Mr D Heming Mrs R Keene Mr I R Haselau
1977 Jan     Maj DD Hall Slide show: Suez, Spion Kop and Trafalgar

Archive of first ten years' lecture topics

1976 19 November   Braai to celebrate the Tenth Anniversary of the Society
1976 11 November   Film Evening
1976 14 October Cmdt B G Simpkins The Battle of El Alamein
1976 12 August Prof C J Barnard Boer War - Prisoner of War Escapes
1976 8 Jul Mr H W Kinsey War Graves in South Africa and the Study of Military History
1976 10 Jun Organized tour of the Museum, speakers being:
Maj D D Hall
Mr Dudley Aitken
Capt Arthur Blake
on subjects:
M.E. 109 and Spitfire
1976 13 May Mr C H Cohen The Russo-Japanese War, 1905
1976 8 April A.G.M. and Film - The Making of the Bomb
1976 11 March Capt J H A Speir The Six Day War, 1967
1976 12 February Dr Felix Machanik The Battle of Congella
1976 15 January   Film Evening
1975 4 December Speakers were Maj D D Hall, Mr Ian Haselau and Capt Arthur Blake Organized Tour of the War Museum
1975 13 November Mr Jan de Villiers The Cape Hottentot Regiments, 1795-1803
1975 2 October Dr Jun Schneider Martial Music
1975 11 September Maj Darrell D Hall and Col Dick E Peddle Airborne Assault
1975 7 August Prof N Garson History of the English-speaking Peoples of South Africa 1820-1960
1975 10 Jul Dr B J Liebenberg Andries Pretorius in Natal (in Afrikaans)
1975 19 Jun Prof Revil Mason Archaeology and War - Results of the Excavations on the Potchefstroom Fort Site
1975 15 May Mr Otto Reitz Somaliland Burgher Corps, 1903
1975 10 April A.G.M. and Film Evening
1975 13 March Speakers included Col G R Duxbury, Maj D D Hall,
Miss R Feldman, Mr Arthur Blake and Mr John Keene
Organised Tour of The War Museum
1975 13 February Dr G A Christidis The Battle of the Marne
1974 5 December Mr B C Christopher The Siege of Ladysmith
1974 14 November Miss Fiona Barbour The Siege of Kimberley
1974 3 October Panel of speakers: Col D E Peddle, Maj D D Hall and Cmdt Cas Bakkes The Battle of Elandslaagte - An In-depth Analysis
1974 12 September Dr S B Spies Attitudes to the Civilian Population during the Anglo-Boer War, 1899-1902
1974 8 August Mr Mervyn Emms Early Cape Fortifications
1974 11 Jul Mr Uys Krige What my P.O.W Experiences Taught Me
1974 13 Jun Prof G N van den Bergh Die Beleg van Potchefstroom (in Afrikaans)
1974 9 May Dr F J Hewitt The History of Radar and South Africa's Contribution to it
1974 4 April A.G.M. and Film Evening
1974 14 March Mr Alf Wade The Prince Imperial
1974 14 February Mr John Barratt The Present War in Mocambique
1973 6 December Cmdt C A Bakkes The British Breakthrough in Natal, 1900
1973 8 November Mr Rod Murchison
Mr Rod Murchison, Junior
General George A Custer - The Battle of Little Big Horn
A Comparison with the Battle of Isandhlwana
1973 11 October Col D E Peddle Magersfontein - The Little Known Aspects
1973 13 September The Hon Mr Justice C Margo Lessons from World War II on the Composition, Command and Multi-Purpose Utilization of a Tactical Air Force
1973 9 August Col P M J McGregor 3 Bomber Wing, S.A.A.F., World War II, 1942
1973 12 Jul Dr P Thompson The Confederacy's Defeat in the American Civil War
1973 14 Jun Mr A Harrington Sir Harry Smith
1973 10 May Maj Deon Fourie Operations Research
1973 12 April Mr A Sinclair Warsaw Uprising, 1944
1973 8 March Prof Revil Mason Archaeology and War in Africa
1973 8 February Prof C J Barnard Studies in the Generalship of the Boer Commanders
1972 7 December Mr H W Kinsey The Sekukuni Wars
1972 9 November Mr V Solomon The Hands-Uppers
1972 12 October Maj Darrell D Hall Slide show & recorded commentary - Winston Churchill
1972 7 September Dr R de R Jooste Operation Barbarossa and Disaster at Moscow, 1941
1972 10 August Col F Wagoner General Douglas Macarthur
1972 13 Jul Col G R Duxbury Tobruk
1972 8 Jun Mr G A Chadwick Lord Chelmsford's Ulundi Campaign, 1879
1972 May Mr Bob Fair Groenkop, 1901 and Surrender Hill, 1900
1972 April A.G.M. and Film Evening
1972 March Dr F Machanik History of Arms
1972 February Advocate M Friedman The Six Days War
1971 2 December Dr G A Christidis The Campaigns of Alexander the Great
1971 11 November Dr F Machanik The History of Firearms
1971 14 October Mr W J P Carr Warfare in the Anciemt World
1971 9 September Prof Albert Geyser The Dead Sea Scrolls - The War Scrolls
1971 12 August Maj Deon Fourie Strategy and Tactics
1971 8 Jul Col G R Duxbury The Relief of Kimberley and the Battle of Paardeberg
1971 10 Jun Mr Andrew Cook The Campaign and Battle of Arbela
1971 13 May Dr Hugh Tracey History in Song
1971 1 April A.G.M. and Film Evening
1971 11 March Mr William Westwood Brain-washing of United Nations Prisoners of War by the Communists - Korea, 1950
1971 11 February Mr Tony Cross
Maj Darrell Hall
The History of Fire-Arms in the First World War
Slide shows: "Gettysburg" and "Tobruk"
1970 2 December Sqdn-Ldr D P Tidy
Mr V Solomon
The Great War - The Air Forces
The American Public's Outlook on the Korean War
1970 12 November Mr A P Cartwright The Jameson Raid - Some New Thoughts
1970 8 October Col W P Lunn-Rockliffe The East Africa Campaign 1914-1918
1970 10 September Mr Jacques van Oortmerssen The Poets and Poetry of the First World War
1970 13 August Col K P Pitts The Great War - The Other Fronts
1970 9 Jul Col K P Pitts The Great War - The Western Front
1970 11 Jun Mr Stewart Jones
Mr R G Murchison
The Causes of World War 1
Seven Pounders at Mafeking
1970 14 May Col G K Roodt The Quality of the Leadership of the Boer Generals, 1899-1902
1970 9 April Mr V Solomon The 1914 Rebellion
1970 12 March Mr R Macnab General de Villebois-Mareuil
1970 12 February Mr T Tolhurst The Battle of Jutland
1969 1 December Mr Brian Chilvers Vietnam
1969 13 November Lt-Gen C A Fraser, S.S.A., S.M. Unconventional Warfare
1969 2 October Prof B Cockram Diplomacy and the use of Armed Force
1969 11 September Dr C J Barnard General Botha and the Battle of Spioen Kop
1969 14 August Prof B Bromolow-Downing The Lighter Side of Life as a Prisoner of War
1969 28 Jul Mr G A Chadwick An Evaluation of the Military Conflict between the Voortrekkers and the Zulus
1969 12 Jun Film Evening  
1969 8 May Cmdt N N Orpen, J.C.D. NATO and the Warsaw Pact - Their Histories
1969 10 April Col K P Pitts, U.S.Army The War in the East before and after General Grant
1969 13 March Col K P Pitts, U.S.Army The War in the West through Vicksburg
1969 13 February Advocate M Friedman An Introduction to the American Civil War
1968 12 December Col D E Peddle The Battle of Magersfontein
1968 14 November Prof M C E van Schoor General Christiaan de Wet
1968 3 October Dr G A Christidis Strategical Blunders of the Second World War
1968 12 September Prof N G Garson The Crisis Period during the Nineties
1968 8 August Prof D W Kruger Military Aspects of Blood River
1968 7 Jul Cmdt G R Duxbury The First South African War
1968 13 Jun Dr Peter Becker A Comparative Study in Strategy in Tribal Warfare in the Nineteenth Century
1968 27 May Mr G A Chadwick The Battles of Hlobane and Kambula
1968 4 April Maj S W J Kotze The Military System of the Boer Commandos
1968 14 March Mr C J Barnard General Louis Botha and the Battle of Colenso
1968 8 February Dr G A Christidis Rorke's Drift and Isandhlwana
1968 11 January Advocate M Friedman An Introduction to South African Military History during the Nineteenth Century
1967 14 December Squad-Ldr D P Tidy, M.A. Dodecanese Disaster and the Battle of Simi, 1943
1967 2 November Dr R E Stevenson Battlefields of Natal
(Some doubt if this was delivered)
1967 19/23? October Cmdt B G Simpkins
The Battle of El Alamein
Desert Vistory
1967 14 September Dr G A Christidis The Battle of Waterloo
June - August 1967 No meetings appear to have been held during this period
1967 11 May Mr Arthur Blake
Brig J Willers
Aircraft Production in SA 1929-1939
The Atlas Aircraft Plant
1967 17 April Col Harry Klein Psychological Warfare in Italy, 1940-1945
1967 9 March Dr Jan Ploeger, D.Phil. History of the South African War Forts in the Pretoria Area
1967 2 February Capt J A Ball South Africa's Achievements in the Field of P.O.W. Administration, 1941-1947
1966 1 December Cmdt B G Simpkins J.C.D., M.M. The Rand Light Infantry in Egypt and Libya, 1940-1945
1966 3 November Maj R J Southey E.D. The Battle of Majuba
5 October 1966 Inaugural meeting and founding of society
at which Gen Klopper Chief of the Defence Force gave a speech
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