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Vol 13 No 5 - June 2006


Military History Journal (incorporating Museum Review), Vol 13 No 4, December 2005
Please note: Owing to unforeseen circumstances, the lefthand panel on the inside front cover of the December issue, Vol 13 No 4, printed incorrectly. Please find, in the pages of this issue, a sticker version of the correct panel readers can fit over the incorrect one. I apologise for any inconvenience caused. - Ed.

Captions switched ...
In David Saks' article, 'Hunting Maqoma: The Second Waterkloof Campaign, Oct-Nov 1851', please note that the captions for the photographs on pp 132 and 134 were inadvertantly switched. My apologies. - Ed.

Dear Editor Congratulations on the latest (Vol 13 No 4) issue of your journal. .. Once again, it was an excellently produced issue. The fact that the battle of Blouberg was (very competently) dealt with is particularly important. The battle has been strangely neglected, even though it was the only full-scale European-style formal engagement to take place on South African soil and represents our small but not irrelevant part in the Napoleonic Wars. The article's inclusion emphasises the need for a journal such as yours.

Keep up the good work!

David Saks

A pair of boots for a pair of one-legged ex-raiders ...
In response to L J Crator's article (The Jameson Raid and England's Anti-Mercenary laws', Military History Journal, Vol 13 No 4, December 2005, pp. 147-8) on Cpl Sampson Burrow's charge against Messrs Rhodes and Jameson for the loss of his leg, Mr D E Maclachlan of Carletonville sent in this brief account by his late father, William Malcolm Maclachlan:

The writer of the account, William Malcolm Maclachlan (standing)
poses for a photograph with a fellow member of the Matabeland Mounted Police, 1895.

A copy of the original note written by William Malcolm Maclachlan in 1934,
in which he recalls the story about the pair of boots.

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