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Military History Society

Die Suid-Afrikaanse Krygshistoriese Vereniging

Military History Journal
Vol 12 No 6 - December 2003

Colour illustrations

Magazine cover illustration

Illustration on Front Cover

Mirage FICZ, No 209, No 203 squadron, 1980, AFB Ondangwe
Aircraft is fitted with 2 x Matra 550 Magic air-to-air missiles and 8 x 250 kg MK 82 bombs
The Royal Aircraft Factory's SCOUT EXPERIMENTAL (SE) 5a
British First World War fighter 1917-1918
One fixed, synchronized .303-inch Lewis machine gun, plus four 25-pound Cooper bombs

Inside front cover illustration

Inside front cover illustration

By C Meredith Bleach - South Africa, Second World War.
An Avro Anson is flying over a convoy led by an aircraft carrier

Back cover illustration

Outside back cover illustration

The white text reads:
Oil on canvas by Geoffrey Long, North Africa, 1942. The bomber is a
Vickers Wellington Mk 1. The straight beams are search-lights, the
greenish white lights are parachute flares dropped by the bomber,
and the curving dotted lines are light anti-aircraft tracer shells.

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