The South African
Military History Society

Die Suid-Afrikaanse Krygshistoriese Vereniging

Military History Journal
Vol 2 No 5 - June 1973


Addresses given at the Society's monthly meetings:
Month Title Lecturer
February 1973 Studies in the Generalship of the Boer Commanders Prof. J. Barnard
March 1973 Archaeology and War in Africa Prof. R Mason
April 1973 Warsaw Uprising 1944 Mr. A. Sinclair
May 1973 Operations Research Maj. D. Fourie
June 1973 Sir Harry Smith Mr. A. Harrington

Addresses scheduled for monthly meetings up to end of 1973:
Month Title Lecturer
July 1973 The Confederacy's Defeat in the American Civil War; exhaustion of material and/or moral resources Dr. P. Thompson
August 1973 3 Bomber Wing S.A.A.F. World War II Col. P. M. J. McGregor
September 1973 Lessons from World War II on the composition, command and multi-purpose utilisation of a tactical Air Force. The Hon. Mr. Justice C. Margo
October 1973 Magersfontein - the Little Known Aspects Col. D. Peddle
November 1973 General George A. Custer - The Battle of Little Big Horn - a comparison with the Battle of Isandhlwana. Mr R. Murchison
December 1973 The British Breakthrough in Natal, 1900 Cmdt. C. A. Bakkes

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