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Military History Society

Die Suid-Afrikaanse Krygshistoriese Vereniging

Military History Journal
Vol 1 No 2 - June 1968

Changes in Ranks and Designations in the South African Defence Force


The following changes in ranks and designations were introduced in the S.A. Defence Force on 28 May, 1968:

(a) The Army ranks of Assistant Field Cornet and Field Cornet are replaced respectively by Second Lieutenant and Lieutenant.

(b) The Army and Air Force rank of Combat-General becomes Major General.

(c) It was also decided that the term Combat-General will, in future, be used to denote the Commander of a division or similar formation, i.e., Major General X, Combat-General 26 S.A. Division.

(d) The term Field Cornet replaces the word Adjutant in the Commando Organisation, i.e., Capt. Y, Field Cornet ABC Commando.

(e) A new rank of Chief Commandant between the ranks of Commandant and Colonel has been introduced in the Commando Organisation for denoting Commanders of Commando Groups. At the time of writing The insignia to be worn by Chief Commandants has not been decided upon.

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