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Vol 1 No 2 - June 1968

Dekoratie Voor Trouwe Dienst


The Editor, in a footnote to the article on the D.T.D. that appeared in the first copy of the Military Journal, made mention that the names of a further 64 unpublished awards would be given in this issue.

The names with ranks, appear hereunder:

Name Rank Name Rank Name Rank
Anderssen, E. C.KapteinKrause, C.Ass. VeldkornetRobinson, P. J.Luitenant
Beukes, G. J.VeldkornetKuit, A.BurgerRossouw, C. H.Adjudant
Bezuidenhout, G. D.VeldkornetLabuschagne, J. H. C.VeldkornetRousseau, P. J.Kommandant
Bezuidenhout, J. J.KommandantLarsen, L. H. C.LuitenantSandberg, C. G. S.Kaptein
Bierman, J. I.KommandantLiebenberg, J. J.KapteinSchuyt, J. J.Veldkornet
Blignaut, J. S. F.KommandantLombard, A. J.KapteinSerfontein, L. C.Veldkornet
Boerentzen, W.LuitenantLombard, P. S.LuitenantSlabbert, T. E.Veldkornet
Bosman, I. D.VeldkornetLotz, G. P. J.Kaptein en AdjudantSmorenberg, A.Kommandant
Bosman, M. C.VeldkornetMalherbe, E. S.LuitenantTheron, P. J.Luitenant
Botha, C. J. F.KommandantMaree, J. J.LuitenantUggla, A. C. H.Kommandant
Botha, J. A.VeldkornetMaree, S. D.VeldkornetVan Brummelan, J.Veldkornet
Conroy, E. A.KommandantMillema, J.KapteinVan Coller, D. H.Kommandant
De Jager, M. C. F.VeldkornetNielsen, I. E. P. S.VeldkornetVan der Los, F. A.Kommandant
De Lange, B. J.KommandantOnsum, A.KapteinVan Heerden, J. A. C.Ass. Veldkornet
De la Rey, A. J. G.VeldkornetPienaar, D. J.KapteinVan Niekerk, C. A.Kommandant
Geyer, W. P.VeldkornetPienaar, J. J.KommandantVan Rensburg, J. J.Kommandant
Griesel, J. A. J.Ass. VeldkornetPotgieter, P. D.VeldkornetVan Vuuren, J. R. J.Veldkornet
Hefer, W. J.LuitenantPretorius, J. C.KapteinVermaak, J. J. P.Kommandant
Kemp, J. C. G.Vecht GeneraalRaubenbeimer, W. L.LuitenantVisagie, P. W.Kapteine
Kersauson, R.LuitenantRheeder, H. C.LuitenantWatermeyer, P. J. A.Veldkornet
Koen, C. J.LuitenantRheeder, J. S.VeldkornetWeyers, J. M.Veldkornet
    Williams, H.Kaptein

Ranks Awarded to:

The award to Burgher A. Kuit it of particular interest for the D.T.D. was an Officers Decoration. Research, has however, shown that he was awarded the Decoration whilst occupying the position of "Inspekteur van Veldpos" (Inspector of Field Postal Services). Maybe he was a postal official in times of peace.

It is pleasing to further record that the writer now has a full list of the Commandos and Units to which the 655 recipients belonged -- in addition the names of those Decorated who also received the "Lint Voor Verwonding Opgedaan Gedurende De Anglo-Boeroorlog, 1899-1902" (the wound ribbon) are available. A few of the interesting (to me) Commandos/Units are here quoted:

What an open field for research there surely must be into the exploits of these and the very many other "Kommando's."

Description of the Decoration

Perhaps there are some of you who have not seen this fine Decoration, so it is pleasing, to be able to reproduce here, a photograph of the obverse/reverse.

The coat-of-arms of the South African Republic with the inscription "Voor Trouwe Dienst 1899-1902" on one side and the coat-of-arms of the Orange Free State and the inscription "Voor Trouwe Dicust 1899-1902" on the other side.

LHS - Obverse to a Burgher of the S.A. Republic
RHS - Obverse to a Burgher of the Orange Free State

The medal is of silver and 1 and 7/16 inches in diameter. The obverse to a burgher of the South African Republic is the reverse to a burgher of the Orange Free State and vice versa.
The ribbon is just under 1 and 3/16 inches in width and has in the centre a broad blue stripe; to the left of that a narrow green stripe and on the edge a narrower red stripe. On the right of the centre blue is a narrow yellow stripe with a narrower white stripe on the outer edge -- the colours are thus, red, green, blue, yellow (orange) and white.
The Decoration has a fixed bar suspender.

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