The South African
Military History Society

Die Suid-Afrikaanse Krygshistoriese Vereniging

Military History Journal
Vol 1 No 1 - December 1967

Message from Commandant G. R. Duxbury,
Director, South African National War Museum

When the South African Military History Society was formed on 5th October, 1966, it filled a pressing need in providing a ready means for the advancement of the study of military history in South Africa. For a start at the monthly meetings of the Society, talks were given by guest speakers. These have in fact proved so popular that the time has come to share the papers read and the results of research with those members and other interested persons who, for one reason or another, have heen unable to attend the monthly meetings. The Committee has decided that the best means of achieving this is through the medium of a journal. As the Society is affiliated to the South African National War Museum it was decided to approach the Board of Trustees of the Museum with a view to the Museum issuing a publication to fill the needs of both organisations.

On the other hand the Trustees of the Museum have for years hoped the Museum would publish a journal as an outlet for the research and other work carried out by the staff assisted by members of the public. Shortage of staff has however prevented the matter from being taken further. The offer of co-operation and mutual assistance in the launching of the journal, made by the Military History Society, was therefore welcomed and the Board has agreed to sponsor the project.

For the present it has been decided that the journal will be published twice annually. This decision will naturally be reconsidered from time to time in the light of any changes in the present position.

The policy of the Journal will he to give fullest freedom to contributors to record their findings and express their opinions. It is made dear that Authors alone are responsible for their respective contributions. Likewise the Editor is given freedom to express his opinions in whatever form his editorial notes or contributions may take. The views expressed are not necessarily those held by the Council Members of the Society or of the Trustees or members of staff of the Museum.

Our columns will be open to constructive contributions which encourage further research and/or provoke discussion among members and other readers, always with the objective of increasing our knowledge and understanding of our military historical heritage.

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