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Vol 1 No 1 - December 1967



The following Order of Precedence extracted from Government Gazettes Extraordinary of 6 January 1967, 17 November 1967 and 22 December 1967 should serve to clarify the position in regard to the order in which orders, decorations and medals should be worn.

(a) Decorations and Medals for Gallantry, Distinguished and Meritorious Service and Exceptional Devotion to Duty -

(b) Campaign Medals: In order of date of campaign.

(c) Commemoration Medals: In order of date of Institution.

(d) Awards for Efficiency, Long Service and Good Conduct
In order of date of award:

followed by:
(e) Awards for Skill at Arms and Proficiency in Musketry
Commandant General's Medal.

(f) Awards for Voluntary and Unremunerated Service.

(g) Other Orders, Decorations and Medals.

(i) Orders, decorations and medals of the United Kingdom awarded to South African citizens at the request of the South African Government and South African decorations and medals which have heen superseded or are for some other reason no longer awarded: In the order of precedence prescribed at the date of award, provided that the orders, decorations and medals of private organisations may not be worn on the left breast with official awards.

(ii) Foreign Orders, Decorations and Medals: In order of date of award, provided that these awards may not be worn unless the State President's permission has been obtained.

For the information contained in this as well as the preceding article the Author acknowledges his debt of gratitude to the Government Printer, Pretoria.

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