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Military History Society

Die Suid-Afrikaanse Krygshistoriese Vereniging

Military History Journal

Guidelines for Authors

The Military History Journal (incorporating Museum Review until 2017), established in 1967, is published by the South African National Museum of Military History in associa- tion with the South African Military Society, bi-annually, in June and December. From 2017 the Society is the sole publisher.

The aim of the Journal is to publish research and articles of interest concerning military history by members of the Society or the Museum or any other person who wishes to submit his or her work. The articles should preferably have a connection with South African military history but those of more general interest will also be considered. Articles should be of as high a literary and academic standard as possible and are acceptable in either English or Afrikaans. The criterion for acceptance of articles is that they should not be so technical as to lose appeal for the members of the Military History Society and present subscribers. The Journal is likewise intended as a vehicle for the publication of personal reminiscenes of military men, book reviews, letters, comments and notes on the activities of the Military History Society.

The choice of articles for inclusion in the Journal will be the prerogative of the editorial committee, whose decision will be final. In the event of the rejection of an article, correspondence with the contributor will not be entered into.

Submission of Manuscripts

Articles for the June issue must reach the Editor before the end of February. Articles for the December issue must reach the Editor before the end of August. An original typed manuscript should be submitted to the Editor. Manuscripts will be returned to the authors if extensive revision is considered necessary. Authors are held responsible for the factual correctness of their contributions. All opinions expressed are considered to be those of the authors themselves and may not necessarily be those of the editors, the Society or the Museum.

Layout of Manuscripts

Manuscripts should be typed on one side of A4 sheets. Double spacing is preferable, and allowance should be made for a margin of at least 30 mm on both sides and additional space above subtitles. The first line of para- graphs should be indented. Revisions in handwriting on manuscripts must be avoided.

Title Page

The first page of a manuscript should contain the following:
Title of the contribution. Titles should be short (no longer than 15 words), but must contain sufficient information to be useful for the compilation of title lists or for codification with a view to the storing or reclaiming of information.
Initials and surname of author. In the case of an authoress, at least one name should be written in full.
Name of institution and city to which the author is attached where applicable, or where he/she lives.
Postal address of author in full.


Pages should be numbered consecutively. Headings should not be numbered or underlined. Words to be printed in italics should be underlined in the manuscript.


References should preferably be in the style of the historical sciences. References should be numbered consecutively at the end of the text, under the heading References. The numbers which refer to the notes must appear in the text to the right of any punctuation marks as unparenthesized superscripts 1, 2, 3, etc. References to theses, books, etc., should contain the name and initials of the author, the title of the publication, and the page number(s). The use of abbreviations (eg Ibid, loc cit), is not permitted, the complete reference should be provided throughout. References to articles in journals should contain the name and initials of the author, the title of the journal, its volume and number, date of publication, and the page number(s). If a bibliography is not provided then references must include place of publication as well.


Notes consist of extensions to the text or elucidations thereof and should appear at the end of the text after the References and under the heading Notes. Notes are indicated consecutively in the text by means of the letters of the alphabet, a.b.c., etc. Notes should be restricted to the absolute minimum.


Where a bibliography is included this should contain the names of authors, in alphabetical order, followed by initials, the titles of the books, place of publication, publisher and date of publication.


All illustrations and maps should be identified clearly on the back and appropriate captions should be supplied in each case.

Editorial Address

Manuscripts for publication in the Journal should be submitted to the following

e-mail address: scribe@samilitaryhistory/org

South African Military History Society /