A Hull Sergeant’s









This account of his experiences of the war in

German East Africa and

France was recorded by

Joseph Daniel Fewster (‘Dan’)

of 23 Beverley Road, Hull.


He served with the 1st. (Hull) Heavy Battery R.G.A.

which later split into the

11th. and 13th. (Hull) Siege Batteries

 and later still was re-mustered as the

545 (Hull) Siege Battery, RGA for service in France.



Annotated by his grandson, Denis Fewster Hopkin of Hull

who served with the

 307 Field Regiment, East African Artillery

during the Second World War






Transferred to computer disk and edited

by Robert B. Sylvester



The following e-mail was received in August 2009:

John Hopkin

... You might like to know that an updated version of the diary, including many corrections as well supporting documents, photographs, genealogical information, etc, is now available here: