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The 28th Annual General Meeting was held on 14th April. The minutes were read, approved by the members, and sianed by the Chairman. He reported on the Society's activities and achie- vements not only durincr the last 12 months but for the past 28 years. He thanked all office bearers and committee members, especially Mike Marsh as Hon Treasurer, Mr. Gavin Moore as Hon. Auditor, Hamish Paterson as Museum Deleqate. Tony Speir and Dimitri. Friend for their help in orcianisincr the Society Evenincrs, General Philip Pretorius for his permission to use the Lemmer Auditorium, and John Keene and his staff for the production of our widely read and appreciated Journal.

The Hon. Treasurer. Mike Marsh, presented his report including the Society's financial position, which showed a small deficit of R 961.- as at 31st December 1993, but gave a satisfactory overall picture.

Dr. Felix Machanik, as Founder Member, was asked to take the chair. He offered us a resumé of the Society's History since its inception and asked for more active involvement in the life of our Museum. Dr. Machanik proposed the re-election of John Mahncke as Chairman and he was re-elected unopposed. Mr. Gavin Moore was unanimously re-elected as Hon. Auditor.

General Pretorius then outlined the difficult financial situation in which the Museum finds itself, because, like many other institutions, the status of the Museum in a new South Africa is uncertain, and government subsidies have all but dried up. He therefore asked the Society for assistance in keeping the Museum, and the ideals it stands for, alive.

The Executive Committee consists of the following members:
Mr. John Mahncke (Chairman)
Mr. Mike Marsh (Secretary/Treasurer)
Mr. George Barrell (Scribe)
Mr. Hamish Paterson (Museum Representative)
Dr. Felix Machanik
Prof. Ian Copley
Mrs. Jenny Copley
Mr. Martin Ayres
Mr. Avram Pelunsky
Dr. John Bleloch
Mr. Kemsley-Couldridge
Mr. Louis Wildenboer
New Committee Member:
Mr. Terry Leaver

* * *

Although the speaker for the evening cancelled at the last minute, one of our members kindly jumped into the breach.

Kemsley Couldridge presented an abbreviated version (due to time constraints) of his talk: Events prior to the Battle of Trafalgar. He showed once again his painstaking research and used overhead maps and pictures to acquaint us with naval matters. He compared the state of both the British Navy under Admiral Nelson and the French Navy under Admiral Villeneuve, and held our interest, while showing the developments leading up to the famous battle. It was agreed that Kemsley should present his excellent talk in full at a later date.

* * *

Forthcoming Events:
19th May
John Mahncke A German POW in Egypt (or: Egypt on 24/2 Piasters a day)
Henk Loots Collecting and Researching Medals

9th June
L. Wildenboer The Battle of Hastings
George Barrell The Bismarck

* * *

The Museum will hold a FleaMarket, especially for collectors of books, medals, war souvenirs etc. on Sunday 5th June, 94 within the framework of a D-Day Commemoration from 4th to 6th June.

Stalls can be booked through Capt. Speir at 646 55 13, who will also give advice on functions and talks to be held. Please advertise this flea-market widely, but also make the entertainment facilities of our Museum known to your friends: lunches, dinners, braais, children's parties, prize-givings, seminars, tea-parties.

* * *

The Durban Branch announces special interest weekends during July and September. Details are available from the Chairman.

* * *

The Johannesburg Historical Foundation has just published its list of Historical Tours of Natal Battlefields. Details are available from the Chairman or Tel.: 648 78 16 & 646 41 79.

* * *

The Destruction of the Zulu Kingdom. The civil war in Zululand 1879-1884.
To Bind the Nation. Solomon kaDinuzulu and Zulu Nationalism 1913-1933.
More information from the Chairman.

* * *

Mr. T. Jakobsen, 1 Kingfisher Walk, Pinelands 7405, is looking for any information on the 1918/19 history of the "President Kruger", which was a lake steamer converted by the Inland Water Transport Section of the Mesopotomia Expeditionary Force, and served on the Caspian sea under General Denikin of the Russian Volunteer Army. (Please Tel.: 021 531 2285 if YOU can assist Mr. Jakobsen).

(011) 453 63 53

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