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This got off to a start with current affairs, these being "Flashman" and the Afghan Wars - a review of events so far from the Chairman. The screen, although working, was in the down or ready position so the forty two second mini-talk was again not required.

The main speaker was fellow member and museum staff member, Dr. Stanley Monick BA.Ph.D on the "Dardanelles" Apart from his academic background and being a chartered librarian Dr. Monick served with the BSAP Reserve from 1975-1977 in the operational areas of Thrasher, Hurricane and Tangent. He made a particular study of Naval Brigades from 1854-1914 and can therefore be regarded as something of an expert on a seaborne exercise such as that which took place at Gallipoli. Our scribe can only witness to the large cross visible on the peninsula whilst making the passage of the Dardanelles or Hellespont as a member of the crew of a luxury Greek cruise ship on the way to Istanbul.

To condense Stan's talk on such a complex situation in a few lines is quite impossible. The idea of the campaign was sound but the execution of it ran into innumerable difficulties of terrain, logistics etc. Many scapegoats were made at the time, some since exonerated and others discovered. It is a good example of the nature of war. The wonder is that any campaign can come to a successful conclusion.

The speaker was thanked for his painstaking work by Stewart Styles.

Amongst the audience we had a guest, Miss Sandiellen Black. Sandiellen is a Rotary Exchange student from Warrimoo in the Blue Mountains West of Sydney, Australia. She is staying with Mr. and Mrs. Ian Uys.

Next meeting: Thursday 8 March 1984.

Mr. Stewart Styles General French's Colesberg Campaign, 1900.

Cape Town Branch : Thursday 8 March 1984

Audio-visual programme on the Falklands War.

Durban Branch : Thursday 8 March 1984.

Two episodes from the popular TV series - "The World at War" - will be shown. They are entitled "Home Fires " and "Inside the Reich".

Tour Reminder 5 and 6 May 1984 - to Diamond Hill, Bergendal and Elandspruit near Lydenburg. There will be an overnight stop at Waterval Onder. This is a "do it yourself tour", Use your own transport and make your own hotel bookings - as soon as possible. The following two hotels are recommended :

Ye Wayside Inn - Tel, 013262, Ask for 425.
Double Room per person sharing, Bed & Breakfast R29,00 each.
Single room Bed & Breakfast R36,00

Hotel Malaga - Tel, 013262, Ask for 431,
Double room per person sharing Dinner, Bed & Breakfast R55,00 each
Single room Dinner, Bed & Breakfast R55,00

Please inform our Hon. Secretary, Mike Marsh, if you are coming, for planning purposes. (Telephone Work: 648-1150 Home : 648-1657)

Further details including the rendezvous will be in the April Newsletter.

Pearls of Wisdom. "The art of war is of vital importance to the state. It is a matter of life and death. A road to safety or to ruin. Hence it is a subject of enquiry which can on no account be neglected ....... Hence it is only the enlightened ruler and the wise general who will use the highest intelligence of the army for purposes of spying, and thereby they achieve great results. Spies are a most important element of war because upon them depends an army's ability to move".

"The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting".

To combat the enemy with the initiative "know your enemy, know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster".

Wu Sun Tzu c.490BC. "The Art of War" - This is compulsory reading in the Soviet military-political hierarchy.

A lighthearted "pearl" - A cruiser was trying to secure to head and stern buoys near her flagship in a congested harbour. The Admiral watched the proceedings from his quarterdeck. The cruiser made a good approach and appeared to be judging the manoeuvre well. The Admiral signalled :

Then things started to go wrong for the cruiser. She missed the buoys and got more and more tangled up. After watching for some time the Admiral again signalled
From "Make another Signal" by Jack Broome.

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