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Past meeting: Johannesburg

At the meeting held on the 11th February, Cmdt. J.R.McGregor, an ex officer of the Royal Artillery, presented a lecture and slide show entitled "Arabian Peninsular Contingencies" which covered his experiences as a soldier in the Kuwaiti Problem (196l), the Aden Problem (1964) and the Oman Problem (1973).

Cmdt. McGregor was one of the officers of the British Army who were rushed in to assist with these three problems and fortunately for the Society, Cmdt McGregor took along his camera and was hence able to present a very interesting slide show showing what the conditions were really like. He dealt with the three campaigns separately, stopping for a question time after each mini-lecture, and also had a very interesting collection of memorabilia on display that he had collected during these campaigns.

Major Darrell Hall thanked Cmdt McGregor on behalf of the Society.

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Future meetings: Johannesburg

Thursday 11th March 20h00 Mr W.J.P.Carr "The 1922 Strike" This lecture will be followed by a one day tour of places of interest which are covered in this lecture - see further details below.

Thursday 15th April 20h00 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING followed by a slide show by Maj. D.Hall entitled "The Western Front - Then and Now"
Please note that this will be on the 3rd Thursday.

Future meetings: Durban (Contact Tania van der Watt Durban 74-2970)

Thursday 11th March - 20h00 - Vic Conrad : Slide show entitled "Masada - Symbol of Resistance"

Thursday 15th April - 20h00 - Col P. Hall will give a talk on his experiences in the operational area.

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One day tour to places of interest of the 1922 Strike - (Saturday 13th Mar.)

Mr Bill Carr will be leading those members interested on an afternoon tour of places of interest of the 1922 Strike on Saturday, 13th March. Members are invited to assemble in the Museum Car Park to move off in their own cars at 2-30 p.m. for the conducted tour of the Fordsburg area. Parking will be available at the second assembly point and walking within a reasonably small area will be involved. The tour should finish about 5-00 p.m. Further details will be given at the meeting on the 11th March.

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Annual General Meeting

Formal notice is hereby given that the next Annual General Meeting of the South African Military History Society will be held on the 15th April,1982 at the South African National Museum of Military History, Saxonwold.

That is all .... Mike Marsh (648-1657H)

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