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November 1980 NEWSLETTER

Past meeting: Johannesburg

On the 16th October, 1980, Mrs. Sheila Henderson, a resident of Biggarsberg in Natal, presented her lecture entitled "Alexander Biggar" to 41 members and guests. Mrs Henderson traced the highlights of this soldier, who later became a frontiersman, and his family covering their involvement in the Frontier Wars in the Eastern Cape, the establishment of Port Natal and his eventual death in an ambush after a punitive raid against the Zulus.

Mrs. Henderson has been invited to submit her lecture for publication in the Military History Journal.

Future meetings: Johannesburg

13th November 20H00 - Maj D.D.Hall - "The Story of the Long Tom Guns in the South African War 1899-1902"

Maj. Hall, well known for his excellent inovative lectures, will be presenting an illustrated lecture on these famous 155mm Creuzot Guns which were built to be used as siege pieces. The guns could fire shrapnel and common shell at ranges up to ll 000yds. Although the Boers never succeeded in using the shrapnel properly, the guns served a very valuable use in annoying the enemy at long range and forcing him to counter with similar weapons.

11th December 20H00 - A film evening for those members who have not gone away on leave. The film "Patton" will be shown.

Jan. and Feb. 1981 Col G. Duxbury will lecture on the First Transvaal War of Independence.

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For those of you who are going away on leave, travel safely and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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