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JOHANNESBURG. - The April meeting was of course the Annual General Meeting which was quite well attended.

After opening the meeting the Chairman, Major D.D. HALL, reviewed the previous years activities and thanked the various persons who had helped him during his period of office, which in terms of our Constitution had now expired. In conclusion, Major Hall proposed as his successor, Professor C.J. BARNARD who was elected unanimously.

On taking the Chair, Prof. Barnard paid tribute to his predecessor and also to two real stalwarts of Committee who were not standing for re-election. They were Bertie Simpkins (our old Scribe) and Charles Cohen.

After nominations had been called for the following persons were elected as your committee for the ensuing year

In addition, it was advised that Major A. Tyrell would represent the "MUSEUM" on the Committee.

At a "get together" after the Annual General Meeting the new Committee elected -
Mr. M. Gough-Palmer - Treasurer/Secretary
Mr. D. Landels - Scribe

After, repeat after, the ballot (and in no way influencing same) and whilst the votes were being counted, Major Hall ran a "Tape/Slide" show on personalities of the Society he had caught "off guard" during some of our functions. An excellent and humorous piece of work. Branches should note to get Darrell to do this as an entree next time he talks to them.

Before concluding the Annual General Meeting, the new Chairman advised that Messrs. Nicholson Uys & Company had resigned as Honorary Auditors to the Society and proposed that Mr. Pat Rice be appointed instead and this was agreed.

* * *

After the Annual General Meeting had concluded the meeting was addressed by Mr. Peter Walton of Casdagrove Ltd., England who explained and exhibited various souveniers of the Zulu War that his company were to market. Many members who were not at the meeting will no doubt have seen these on television and during the tour. Any enquiries re these souveniers to be directed to Colonel G. Duxbury at the Museum.

The May meeting was addressed by Mr. George Chadwick whose subject was "THE ZULU WAR". George is of course well known to us and is the organiser of the activities associated with the Centenary of that War, details of which were explained during his talk. Members who attended and were to go on the tour over the long weekend, found the talk to be particularly interesting.

* * *


Thur. 14 June - "EXPERIENCES AS A WAR ARTIST" by Major V.G. Metcalf

Thur. 12 July - "DELVILLE WOOD"
by Mr. R.Cornwell. [handwritten comment ? Mr Cornwell may be overseas - July programme to be confirmed next N/letter]

Johannesburg Notes:
Congratulations to our member Counciller Mrs. Zoe Marchand on her election as Mayor of Sandton.

It is with regret that we advise the sudden and sad death of Mrs. Jackie Rowe. To Jimmy our heartfelt sympathy in your great loss.

* * *


Cape Town:


Thur. 12 July - "BULLERS UPPER TUGELA CAMPAIGN" by Mr. N.J.Veitch


You seem very shy - nothing to report??


The Branch acting - Secretary has written to say that "Thursday" evenings do not appear to be convenient evenings for members and it has thus been agreed that the Branch activities will take the form of "Mini-Sunday Tours".

No actual dates have been given to us but the known detail is as follows:

JUNE - discussion of the YZERSPRUIT battle, tour of the local Museum and a visit to the Soldiers graves in the old Klerksdorp Cemetery.

JULY - Tour of the OUDEDORP, Potchefstroom, the Presidents House, the Park and other Historical sites.
Anyone interested in joining our friends at Klerksdorp on these tours should contact Mr. Julian Orford at Klerksdorp 81131.

* * *

INFORMATION REQUIRED BY AUTHOR - A Mr. C.R. McGuire is researching on aspects of the Anglo Boer War (1899-1902) and the following are extracts from his letter.

"I am researching an aspect of the Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902) - the camps maintained on St. Helena by the British for the Boer Prisoners-of-War (P.O.W.'s). I am particularly interested in Doctor Leverett Herbert Price, a Canadian civilian from New Brunswick who I understand was one of several medical doctors engaged by the British Army to care for The P.0.W.'s. I know Dr. Price left Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada on board the S.S.Milwaukee on 21 February 1900 with the Second Canadian Contingent. The Contigent disembarked at Capetown where the ship took on a group of about 4,000 Boer prisoners, including General Cronje, many of whom had been taken at the Battle of Paardeberg. I know Dr. Price arrived on St.Helena on 10 April 1900 and left some time after 18 October 1901; 1 would like to know the exact date.

I am aware of the diaries kept by de Graat, Ruijssenaers and Viljoen and the work of Dr. S.P.R. Oosthuizen; if you know of other sources, please contact me with details. All assistance will be acknowledged in a booklet I am preparing."

Anyone who can and wishes to help should contact Mr. McGuire at -
Head, Research and Administration,
National Postal Museum,
Ottawa - Ontario, KIA OB1, Canada.

* * *

In conclusion the "New Scribe" wishes to apologise to the Chairman and all members for missing the May print date - result - no Newsletter. Sorry.

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