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(a)General Meeting and Annual General Meeting.
As the next meeting takes place in March, we will hold our Annual General Meeting at the same time.

(b)Committee Meeting.
Thursday, 13th March, 1969, at the same venue.

LAST MEETING. The meeting was a great SUCcess and marked a new phase in our develppment. We embarked on a planned programme, covering an historical period, over a number of meetings. Advocate Friedman, an old friend from a previous lecture, intro1uced us to the events leading up to the American Civil War. I am sure that those present will agree that they had not learnt history in this manner before. Without notes, Advocate Friedman led us expertly through the causes and effects whilst pointing out numerous historical parallels including our own Anglo Boer War. I had not realised the similarity of Boer and Southerner in backround, way of life and method of fighting. We are now lookirg forward to the next two lectures when Col. Pitts will speak on the military aspect of early American History. TOUR OF 1880-1881 BATTLEFIELDS. This is definitely ON and will take place over the weekend of 29th and 30th March, 1969. So far it appears that we will be joined by 30-40 scholars from Pretoria and Johannesburg, apart from a large number of members and visitors from Durban and Johannesburg. If the Society continues to grow as it has done over the past year, we may one day muster more members and friends on top of Majuba than Colley did troops~ Please contact Cmdt Duxbury's staff at the National War museum without delay if you intend coming. JOURNAL. Our honorary Editor informs me that there is a paucity of articles for inclusion in our next Journal. Come on, members, help our overworked editors by sending in your articles as soon as possible. We cannot have the Journal fall away from the high standard attained in the past. MEIVIBERSHIP. This now totals 206. THE LATE MR. J.C.N. Hlffi~HREYS. With deep regret we record the death during February, of Mr. Humphreys, one of our members. Mr. Humphreys was widely known for his great interest in lfricana. His collection of books was of world renown. To his relatives we extend our deepest sympathy on his passing. PAT RICE. HnNnR1RY Q~0PP~~pv COMMITTEE MEETING.

Thursday, 13th February, 1969 at 7.15 p.m. at the same venue.


Those members who attended the December meeting were treated to an outstanding lecture on the Battle of Magersfontein, delivered by Colonel. D.E. Peddle who has studied the subject and the ground on which it was fought for many years. It is to be hoped that it may be possible to arrange for a conducted tour of the Magersfontein battlefield under the direction of Colonel Peddle at some future date.


  1. Laingsnek.
  2. Schuinshoogte (Ingogo)
  3. Majuba.

It is the Society's intention to arrange for a conducted tour of the above battlefields under the direction of Commandant G.R. Duxbury during a week-end in March, 1969. Members and friends who are interested in attending are requested to contact Commandant Duxbury's Staff at the War Museum (Phone No. 41-4703) as soon as possible.


This now totals 194.


The annual subscription of R3.00 is now due. Please forward cheques payable to the Society to:-

The Treasurer,
South African Military History Society, P.O.Box 90,


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