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Newsletter/Nuusbrief 188

May/Mei 2020

Special Edition!

This is a special edition in that nobody attended our meeting at the EP Veterans Car Club on Monday evening 27 April, but those who “attended” were linked together in a so called Zoom Meeting! To the uninitiated, this method of communication has developed very rapidly since the introduction of “Lock Down” and our branch of the SA Military History Society is the first branch that has met in this manner.

This innovation was motivated by Chairman Malcolm Kinghorn, who together with Franco Cilliers and Stephen Bowker have formed a sub- committee to ensure that future meetings function smoothly and what may be perceived by some as an enormous challenge to venture into world of “clouds” is actually surmountable! To this end, we are attaching a separate attachment which offers you the options available to be part of our next meeting. As one who took Woodwork at school, even I have overcome! We encourage you to make the effort as, quite honestly, it may be yet many months before we meet again at our usual monthly venue.

We had an attendance of 15 members, of which three were “Looking in through the window” and unable to get the full view due, possibly to bandwidth and reception issues. This refers in particular to farmer Michael Newcombe in far flung Nanaga who made every effort to present himself in person on the screen!

We also had the pleasure of our National Secretary Joan Marsh join us. Her name is familiar to all of us, but for many it was the first time that we had seen her in reality. She was warmly welcomed and we look forward to her joining our future Zoom meetings.

Our meeting lasted the stipulated and permissible 40 minutes in which time Chairman Malcolm floated a two minute video on a camera man in an ambush in downtown Kabul. We had some difficulty with the full presentation.

We will be doing another test on Monday 4 May at 19,30hrs. Our monthly meeting is scheduled for Monday 11 May at 19,30hrs and it will be most encouraging to have as many as possible of our membership zooming into the presentation. The speaker will be Johan Buys on his SAP service with Koevoet.

Ian Pringle - Scribe.


Chairman: Malcolm Kinghorn
Scribe (newsletter):Ian Pringle.

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