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Here's hoping you are all keeping well and are not too crazy from cabin-fever in this second phase of South Africa's Covid-19 lockdown.

None of the four branches were able to hold lecture meetings in April.

Our lecture meeting venues are likely to be closed for the foreseeable future. When that status changes you will receive specific notice via e-mail.

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Updates from the AGM-that-never-was

Hamish Paterson having served his second consecutive year as Chairman, this leadership role now passes to David Scholtz. Two more members, Archie Barnwell and Mike Marsh, have been co-opted to serve on the National Committee. The committee members are thus: David Scholtz Archie Barnwell Hamish Paterson Joan Marsh Mike Marsh Peter Rush Despite severe arm twisting, Jan-Willem Hoorweg has resigned from the committee. His faithful service over the past 8 years especially running the FaceBook site and then in arranging the lecture program is much appreciated. We look forward to his return! Hamish's chairman's report will be available from him some time in the future.

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The Eastern Cape branch (SAMHSEC) has continued - in the pioneering spirit of the 1820 Settlers! - to lead the Society's approach to dealing with Covid-19. Their second trial of a Zoom meeting will take place at 19h30 on Monday 4 May and chairman Malcolm Kinghorn invites all interested Zoominati to contact him to be included. The 4 May subject will be a 10 minute PPT presentation "What was the Spitfire Fund?". If you wish to join in please contact Malcolm in order to get the meeting number and password from him at This will be a rehearsal for their scheduled 11 May when the speaker will be Johan Buys on his SAP service in Koevoet.

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If you are interested in joining a Virtual Branch of SAMHS, please send an e-mail to that effect to

Suggestions from members who are familiar with Zoom - or other software for potentially holding distance gatherings - would be most welcome.

Please would members with experience in organising similar meetings indicate their willingness to help set up such a Branch?

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Military History Journal 2020

Thank you to those members who have responded magnificently to the appeal for articles for the 2020 Military History Journal(s). The Editor, Susanne Blendulf, will contact the relevant authors in due course.

For interest, Susanne now resides in Ed, in the far north of Sweden, close to Norway ... time for an atlas!

Feel free to continue to make use of the stay-at-home to complete that article you have always intended to complete and submit ...

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Forthcoming lectures

The future of the scheduled May 14 meetings in Johannesburg Durban and Cape Town is still in abeyance.

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Branch contact details

For Cape Town details contact Carl Burger 082 333 2706
For Eastern Cape details contact Malcolm Kinghorn 041-373-4469
For Gauteng details contact Joan Marsh 010-237-0676
For KwaZulu-Natal details contact Roy Bowman 031 564 4669

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