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Instead of a lecture the December meeting in Johannesburg took the form of a DVD followed by a get-together to allow members to mingle and chat over tea, drinks, biscuits and snacks. The evening was fairly well attended; another function in the room where our teas are usually served led to a slightly cramped use of the terrace. Fortunately the rain had let up so people were able to move outside from the terrace.

Thanks are due to Ms Evelyn Mushi whose cheerful assistance, along with that of Kenneth and Phineas, was much appreciated.

The DVD about the US Ohio Class nuclear submarines as a cold-war deterrent force proved an interesting glimpse into those times. Things which were "normal" during the late 1980s and early 1990s seem out of kilter when the sheer scale of Mutual Assured Destruction is viewed thirty years down the line.

A single submarine carrying 24 missiles, each with seven nuclear warheads, each of which could be programmed to guide itself to a different target city, gives a clue to the fear which ruled. There were several submarines out and about at any given time while a mission could last up to eight months with re-victualling being the only reason for returning to port.

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December 2018 Military History Journal

The printer closed for its summer holidays a week later than in 2017 so Journals were posted to paid-up members on 28 December.

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